Auro Technologies is founded upon the award-winning Galaxy Studios,
a world recognized recording facility located in Mol, Belgium.
Since the construction of their first sound studio in 1980, Wilfried and Guy Van Baelen have built an unsurpassed organization representing the highest achievement in audio excellence. With incremental expansions over the last 15 years, Galaxy Studios consistently leads sound recording and production technology throughout Europe. By continually pushing the boundaries of audio, Galaxy is now set to become the industry's most advanced research center for acoustical recording.
Wilfried developed the Auro-3D® Concept back in 2005, his idea crystalizing soon thereafter with the help of a team of highly specialized engineers. It was in 2006 that Wilfried first presented his concept along with the Auro-3D® listening formats to the Audio Engineering Society conventions in both Paris and San Fransisco. His innovative audio playback system was to include the technical solutions necessary to bring Auro-3D® to the market while staying within the existing standards. After over five years of development, Auro-3D® and it's groundbreaking Auro-Codec are ready to change the way we experience sound.
History shows that the best ideas frequently come from the least expected places. The Van Baelen brothers together with their partner Alfred Schefenacker founded Auro Technologies in 2010 intent on establishing the Next Generation Audio Standard and becoming the leader in State-of-the-Art Sound.


Auro Technologies aims to create the next generation
audio standard by becoming the leader in State-of-the-Art Sound
The time for a more advanced audio standard has arrived. Commercial players as well as end users are ready for a radical solution that provokes change in the industry and offers audiences a total immersion experience.
Company Values:
Auro Technologies stands for
- Unrestrained Innovation
- Entrepreneurship and Team Success
- Exceptional Performance
- Customer Satisfaction
- Respect and Integrity


1877Thomas Edison invents the mechanical phonograph cylinder, which is the first practical sound recording and reproduction device. Naturally, all the early recordings were performed and played back in mono
June 1, 1934The first single groove stereo recording is produced by Bell's Telephone Laboratories in New York City
1976Dolby releases the Dolby Stereo format, which is later developed into Dolby Surround
2005The Auro-3D concept and formats are developed by Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO and Founder of Galaxy Studios & Auro Technologies
2005A 22.2 surround sound format is introduced at the Expo 2005 World Fair (Aichi, Japan)
2006The Auro 9.1 listening format is launched at the AES Convention in PARIS (may 20-23) and SAN FRANCISCO (October 6-8) in the workshops “Surround with Height Channels”
Oct 8-10, 2010The Auro-3D Cinematic Systems (Auro 11.1 and 13.1), Auro Codec and Auro creative tools are presented at the AES Spatial Audio Conference in TOKYO
2011First installations of Auro 11.1 in cinema's
Oct 19, 2011Barco issues a statement from producer Rick McCallum (Lucasfilm) that RED TAILS will be the first movie to be mixed in Auro-3D (october 19)
Jan 20, 2012The Lucasfilm production RED TAILS is released as first Hollywood movie in the Auro-3D format
Sep 2012Indian actor/director/producer Kamal Haasan announces his endorsement of the Auro 11.1 format
Nov 1, 2012Dreamworks Animation announces that their next 15 features will receive an Auro 11.1 mix. The first movie to be released in the format is 'Rise Of The Guardians'
Jan 25, 2013Kamal Haasan releases 'Vishwaroopam', the first Indian movie to feature Auro 11.1. The 3D audio version of the movie is a huge success at the box office
Apr 13, 2013Barco, Auro Technologies and DTS announce that they will join forces to support an open standard for immersive object-based cinema sound, recommending DTS’ object-based MDA (Multi Dimensional Audio) as their prefered format
Aug 2013Game audio specialist Audiokinetic secures a deal with Auro Technologies to integrate Auro-3D® into their immersive cross-platform audio solution Wwise®, bringing the technology to the interactive media and gaming industry
Sep 2013Datasat Digital Entertainment announce that they will integrate the format in their range of high-end consumer audio processors, starting with an updated version of their flagship product, the Datasat RS20i
Jan 2014DMS is appointed as a worldwide distributor (excluding Greater China) for the Auro-3D® ISSP 12.200D AV Receiver products
Jan 2014MBS Studios becomes the exclusive distributor for Auro-3D® audio processor and receiver products in Greater China (Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong)
Feb 2014StormAudio and Auro Technologies introduce the Auro-3D® Auriga™ processor at the ISE tradeshow in Amsterdam
Feb 2014Steinway Lyngdorf and Auro Technologies announce the development of Steinway Lyngdorf processors incorporating Auro-3D®