PRESS RELEASE: Auro Technologies to premiere Auro-3D® sound in an unrivaled package for the Home Entertainment, Car and Mobile Platforms

LAS VEGAS, 7 January 2014 – After the successful introduction of its technology in the digital cinema market, Auro Technologies announces the introduction of the immersive Auro-3D® audio experience into the consumer electronics market.

It has always been a quest of mankind to reproduce natural sound. Now, where attempts to date fell short, Auro Technologies’ groundbreaking Auro-3D® technology enables a giant leap in this evolution by adding the third and final dimension: “Height,” in Front and Around the listener, based on the existing 5.1 or 7.1 Surround sound configurations. It is this vertical stereo field of 30 degrees above the ear-level sounding layer that is key to achieve the most natural and immersive impact, much more so than the speakers directly above the listener. This makes Auro-3D® unique and allows the accurate playback of native audio in 3D over a wide range of speaker configurations and over any standard pair of headphones in order to provide the consumer with the most immersive audio experience.

The immersive power of sound in 3D brought to your home, car, game and mobile device

Since the introduction of Auro 9.1 and Auro 10.1 at the AES Convention in Paris and San Francisco in 2006, the cinematic speaker layout Auro 11.1 was successfully launched in 2010 (Tokyo, AES Spatial Audio Convention), thanks to the great contribution of Barco, market leader in professional digital projectors and Auro Technologies’ exclusive partner for digital cinema. Until now, Auro-3D® has only been available to the public in professional cinemas equipped with Auro 11.1 by Barco around the world. Now, together with its official partners, Auro Technologies is pioneering once again and the first now to bring its revolutionary 3D Audio technology to all consumer markets.

In the course of 2014 and for the first time, consumers will be able to enjoy a compelling true 3D sound experience in their living room, during a favourite video game, via headphones, on a mobile device, or whilst driving the car.
Over 50 international movies, 100 music albums recorded in the Auro-3D® format, and 2 blockbuster games will be released in the course of 2014.
The inclusion of Auro-3D® into solutions for home theatres, gaming, car and mobile platforms allows consumers to experience the new generation of movie releases and music in 3D audio exactly as they were meant to be heard by its creators.

The Auro-3D® technology delivers in high resolution audio the most immersive and natural audio experience, while maintaining flexibility, speed and crystal-clear media playback unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before due to its fully PCM compatibility, easily integrated into any hardware device.
Auro-3D® is a patented solution and is at the same time even capable to transform legacy content into a fully 3D Sound immersive experience. The technology supports channel and object based solutions.

With Auro-3D® the consumer gets:

  • The most COST EFFECTIVE solution to reproduce sound in 3D with Height around the audience and backwards compatible with existing 5.1 and Stereo setups, easy to install and use;
  • LOW LATENCY for optimum interactive responsiveness;
  • Full FORWARD & BACKWARD COMPATIBLITY with any original source format, including Stereo, 5.1 Surround, and all Auro-3D® listening formats;
  • “ONE FILE” delivery on existing platforms such as Blu-Ray™, DCP and downloads.

It is something that changes your mood and puts you in sensuous, excited states, anywhere and anytime you want.

Auro Technologies’ official partners have earned a widespread reputation for offering the highest quality sound reproduction available in home cinema, gaming, automotive and mobile platforms. Some of Auro Technologies’ official partners include: Audiokinetic, California Audio Technology (CAT), Continental, Datasat Digital Entertainment, Denon & Marantz, McIntosh Laboratory, Steinway Lyngdorf (SL Audio) and StormAudio.

Early February 2014, Auro Technologies will also begin shipping its own Auro-3D® AV Receiver, the Auro-3D® ISSP 12.200D. Distribution is – amongst others – via Sound Developments Ltd., StormAudio, MBS, MMS Cinema, NSHT, MDSG S.r.l., Tasindo Mandiri Indonesia, Mareor, and Stassen Hifi & Home Theaters.

“Auro-3D® represents a revolutionary new audio format for immersive sound in 3D that enables deeper levels of sound immersion bringing richer forms of entertainment to the consumer. The closer to natural sound, the more immersive the impact. It is about time we bring this experience to the consumer,” says Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies. “We are delighted that our new partnerships will bring the excitement of Auro-3D® sound into the home and to the consumer.”

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