PRESS RELEASE: Datasat and Auro Technologies to bring Immersive Sound in 3D within reach of all Home Cinema consumers

LAS VEGAS, 8 January 2014 – Datasat Digital Entertainment, the world leaders in audio solutions for home cinema, has today announced a technology partnership agreement with Auro Technologies. The deal will see the companies collaborate in the development of a range of processors incorporating the Auro-3D® immersive sound format. The new processors will make Auro-3D® available across price points from entry level to high-end home cinema.

The technology partnership agreement builds upon the Auro-3D® license agreement that the companies signed in September 2013. The previous agreement brought Auro-3D® to high-end home cinema with its integration into the award-winning Datasat RS20i processor being demonstrated at ISE 2014. The new agreement will bring this important immersive sound format within the reach of those with more modest budgets.

“This partnership agreement with Auro Technologies further enhances our leadership position in Surround and Immersive Sound in 3D,” said Ciaran Doran, Group CEO of Datasat. “Our company helped pioneer Surround sound over 20 years ago and we have continually improved the listening experience ever since. Together with Auro Technologies, we’re ensuring that everyone can enjoy the most immersive movie experience at home with the Auro-3D® sound system.”

Formerly called DTS Digital Cinema, Datasat products are installed in more than 30,000 movie theatres worldwide. The company’s audio processor already sits at the heart of the Auro 11.1 by Barco system powered by Auro Technologies that is being rolled out to professional cinemas worldwide. This made Datasat an ideal choice for a technology partner to deliver this sound format to home cinema.

With the Auro-3D® technology, the consumer gets many advantages:

  • The most COST EFFECTIVE solution to reproduce sound in 3D with Height around the audience and backwards compatible with existing 5.1 and Stereo setups, easy to install and use;
  • LOW LATENCY for optimum interactive responsiveness;
  • Full FORWARD & BACKWARD COMPATIBLITY with any original source format, including Stereo, 5.1 Surround, and all Auro-3D® listening formats;
  • “ONE FILE” delivery on existing platforms such as Blu-Ray™, DCP and downloads.
  • in high resolution audio the most immersive and natural audio experience, while maintaining flexibility, speed and crystal-clear media playback unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before due to its fully PCM compatibility, easily integrated into any hardware device.

“Working with a brand that has the heritage and stature of Datasat enables us to provide home audiences with the exact Auro-3D® experience you’d get in a movie theatre. We’re looking forward to this partnership delivering great new products over the coming years. This partnership will further allow us to enable consumers to enjoy a compelling true 3D sound experience in their living room, exactly as it was meant to be heard for the first time,” said Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies.

This latest announcement is part of Auro Technologies’ strategy to bring the Auro-3D® experience out of the cinema and directly to the consumer, via home cinema, gaming, car and mobile platforms.