Soundideaz Studios in Mumbai gets Auro-3D® mixing capabilities

studioMol, Belgium, 13 October 2014 – Soundideaz Studios, promoted by noted sound engineer Pramod Chandorkar, have recently installed the next generation Auro-3D® Studio System.
Auro Technologies are the creators of the Auro-3D® format, which has revolutionised the cinema industry as a first, with true 3D sound, known as immersive sound. Together with their exclusive partner in Digital Cinema, Barco, Auro 11.1 has already more than 500+ confirmed installs worldwide with over 35 installs in India and more coming. The exciting move from two-dimensional Surround sound (5.1/7.1) to Auro-3D® is a break-through achieved by adding the missing third dimension of height in front of and all around the listener. The unique Auro-3D® speaker layouts deliver an immersive and captivating sound experience around the listener.

When the format was first introduced to Pramod Chandorkar, Founder & Design Consultant at Soundideaz Studios, he said “I was completely convinced by the format and the freedom it provides for the creative sound designer and mixing engineer. It truly delivers the immersive audio experience to the audience”.

Ishq Wala LoveSoundideaz caters to both the Hindi and Regional film business and will make this 3D audio technology to both sectors. Directors and producers who have seen the demo are very keen to use this technology for future projects. The added attraction for filmmakers is that thanks to the built-in compatibility of Auro-3D® there is no additional cost to the producer to use this technology. Soundideaz currently signed up six films to be mixed and released in Auro 11.1, and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

Very recently, on October 10, 2014, the first Marathi film in Auro-3D, “Ishq Wala Love” has been released.

With the addition of their Auro-3D® mixing theatre and the technology incorporated into their audio engineering course, Soundideaz will provide a one-stop solution for filmmakers, located in the heart of Bollywood.

Working with Auro-3D® will identify SoundIdeaz as a pioneer, and gives the studio a competitive advantage in the industry. Auro-3D® is all about creating natural sound, adding Height by using the unique 3-layered Auro-3D® cinematic format. This gives Indian film creators many exciting new possibilities and the three layers of the Auro-3D® format will also allow them to have artistic control over all immersive formats, including those only using two layers of sound” says Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies.

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About Soundideaz
The Soundideaz studios provide a one-stop solution for filmmakers from Edit to the Final color gradation. Located in the heart of Bollywood Andheri west, it includes two VDO edit suites, Color Grading Suite, Dubbing Theater, Foley & Sound design, BG Score Suite, & Final Auro-3D® 11.1 Mixing Theater. Top musicians, singers, actors and producers work here every day. The Soundideaz academy has also incorporated this technology in their audio engineering course, which will equip the next gen Engineers with this technology. The SoundIdeaz studio and academy is the only Academy in India, which provides High Quality, hands-on Sound engineering Programs, designed to create Professional Sound engineers.