INTERVIEW: Morten Lindberg on Auro-3D®:  “Recorded music is no longer a flat canvas, but a sculpture you can literally move around”

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Owner of the renowned record label 2L, Associate Professor at the Westerdals Oslo ACT (former Nordic Institute of Stage And Studio) and producer of 17 GRAMMY-nominated albums, Morten Lindberg shares his experiences on recording in Auro-3D®. “The expansion to 3D has been our playground.” says the Norwegian recording producer and engineer.

How did you get to know Auro-3D®?
I have recorded music in 5.1 Surround sound since 2004. Then I met with Wilfried Van Baelen at the Nordic Sound Symposium three years ago. He challenged me to explore the height dimension. Two weeks later we set out for a remote medieval church with TrondheimSolistene (a group of classical musicians from Norway) and recorded our first album in the Auro 9.1 configuration. I believe this was the first ever commercial album produced in Auro 9.1 which was released on Pure Audio Blu-Ray. (more…)

The Auro-3D Mensa and Crux. Launched at CEDIA. Loved at CEDIA.


I just recently got back from the amazing CEDIA 2014 show, where we launched the Auro-3D Mensa and Crux, our two new 3D sound processors. The reception for Auro-3D at the show was just incredible, and I want to thank all of those who visited our booth to talk to us and Datasat, our partners in creating the Mensa and Crux.

We may have been out-spent by certain competitors at the show, but that didn’t seem to matter for the many who experienced our immersive demos and loved them. We were delighted by the reaction from the press and the industry – some of the quotes and accolades are above. What really seemed to impress visitors was the natural sound generated by the Auro-3D demo. As one journalist said, Auro-3D is ‘as close to being there as I could possibly imagine.’ Or simply ‘startlingly realistic’ in the words of another.

Congratulations as well to Hometronics and CAT, whose Auro-3D equipped home cinema was the Best Overall Home Theater Winner in the CEDIA 2014 Electronic Lifestyles Awards.

If you missed seeing us at CEDIA, stay tuned for news of other demos of our Auro-3D AV range, with the Mensa and Crux joining the Auro-3D Auriga, our first immersive AV receiver.

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Breaking through the immersive sound barrier: Auro-3D® Mensa™ to feature both Auro-3D® and Dolby Atmos™

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Here at Auro we’ve always been determined to make the wonder of immersive sound available to everyone. That’s why I’m delighted to announce that our new flagship AV processor, the Auro-3D Mensa, delivered in partnership with Datasat, will feature both Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos 3D sound formats. Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos are the two standards for immersive audio in the professional cinema, and now in the home as well.


The Auro-3D® Auriga™: A 540° Audio Revolution

The Auro-3D® Auriga™ is a state of the art processor delivering our 540° sound field in high resolution audio with full backwards compatibility. It’s truly a milestone in audio, being the first ever AV Receiver that reproduces true 3D Sound all around the listener. auriga_flyer PT1Ordinary Surround Sound provides sound from around the listener, with speakers to the front and behind in a 360°axis. But with Auro-3D® we have added the third dimension of height with a 180° vertical soundfield, in order to create a cocoon of sound all around and above the listener, like a 540° acoustic field. By adding “Height speakers” as defined by the Auro-3D® format, you can be truly immersed in sound, creating the most life-like emotional experience, whether you are watching movies or listening to music. That’s why we call it a revolution in sound! (more…)

Auro-3D® and home entertainment: the immersive sound revolution is already here!

By Wilfried Van Baelen

When we decided to bring Auro-3D® out of the cinema and into the home we were determined to get it right. We were determined to deliver true immersive 3D sound to the consumer. To be the first, but also to be the best. I’m incredibly proud that we at Auro Technologies have done exactly that, and I’d like to share with you a little of the magic that is behind Auro-3D®… as well as a few exciting plans for the future!

Immersive Sound can be described as “Surround Sound with Height”. It is adding the missing and final dimension in sound reproduction, something pioneered by our Auro-3D® format. We’ve used height layers in the cinema to create Auro 11.1 by Barco. And now we are bringing Auro-3D® to the home. In the same way. (more…)

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