With Immersive Audio moving fast forward to the consumer markets, we see substantially more content creation in AURO-3D, the favourite audio format of many leading producers/engineers for various reasons; e.g. more creative possibilities, easier workflow in discrete audio, better sound quality, more enjoyment and deeper emotions reflecting everywhere the same immersive experience as intended by the creators.

The wave has just begun, more are yet to come!



Get your home cinema ready for AURO-3D!

This month we bring you good news for home entertainment sector again. What more could you wish for than: New AVRs with AURO, New movie with AURO and New tips for your speaker set-up configuration?

After having already released more than 1.300 music titles, we will celebrate the 100th Music Album we are currently working on.



Let us start this newsletter with an amazing news, we all were waiting for so long! Auro Technologies is proud to announce their partnership with Yamaha Corporation, known leader in the music industry.

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Anytime, Anywhere, Any Content…

Have you discovered the full possibilities available to you with AURO?

Designed around you to ensure you will always have more than enough content, with Auro-Matic all your favourite movies, music and games are instantly transformed into the full immersive experience.



We may not be able to go to the concert or cinema, but with AURO the concert and cinema comes to us…

Last month we delivered the new Creative Tools Suite complete with brand new web-shop and new freemium model providing the main features and the creation of immersive content for free.

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Despite lockdown measures, the highly anticipated News Year Concert of the Vienna Philarmonic went ahead as planned….well mostly.

We caught up with Florian Camerer, Senior Sound Engineer at ORF – Austrian TV to see what it takes to pull off one of the most prestigious events of the year.


An interview with Florian Camerer, Senior Sound Engineer at ORF – Austrian TV

The New Year’s Concert 2021 in AURO-3D


Despite the second hard lockdown in Austria starting before the Christmas holidays 2020 and lasting until at least January 18, 2021, the traditional New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic in the famous “Goldene Saal” of the Musikverein took place as planned, conducted for the 6th time by Italian Maestro Riccardo Muti (see Fig.1). Well, not exactly as planned, of course, as there was no audience allowed. We spoke to Florian Camerer, head of audio post production at ORF TV, about the special situation as well as his ongoing experience with providing an AURO-3D soundtrack for the Bluray release.

© ORF/Roman Zach-Kiesling

Figure1: Riccardo Muti conducting the Vienna Philharmonic at the New Year’s Concert 2021


Q: Florian, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the AURO-3D format last year. When did you first encounter this immersive sound system?

A: I remember that I was in the lecture hall at the AES convention 2006 in Paris when Wilfried van Baelen introduced the format “Aurophony” together with a few others on stage. Two things struck me in the very beginning: the protagonists thought that there was no word for “3D Audio” yet, and the fact that they had combined the Latin word “aurum” with the Greek word “phonē”. Regarding the first issue, the term “periphony” exists since the early days of Ambisonics, coined by Michael Gerzon in the 1970’s; and I found it a bit odd that with the 100% Greek terms “monophony” and “stereophony” the next evolutionary step would be a mixture of Latin and Greek… But then again, Ambisonics has a similar issue, only the other way round (Greek and Latin)


Interview with Jos Boerland, owner of Aliud Records

– Jos Boerland –

Jos Boerland owner of Aliud Records, a classical record label founded in 2005 sat down with us to discuss celebrating 15 years of his label with the World Premiere recording of Canto Ostinato, three unique orchestral recordings from the Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt performed by the Dutch Noord Nederlands Orkest. Jos, is a born musician, having studied percussion at the Concervatory of Groningen, The Netherlands. At just 17 he started his own recording studio, then going on to work in mastering before becoming involved in the publishing side of the industry, as well as having recorded and produced over 2500 albums himself.

1) How did you come to start Aliud Records and what was the mission behind the label?

2005 was the year I changed things in my life and reignited the label “Aliud Records” which I used to have before working with The Haske Publications. With all the experience I had in classical, Jazz and Brass music the label became quickly well known and I am happy to say we have been going now for 15 years!
Aliud Records is mainly a classical label in High Resolution Audio, innovating in sound quality, recording techniques, music styles and compositions and innovative ways to bring music to the consumer in the best way possible to give the consumer the excitement of “experiencing” music. So when I heard at the first “Classical Next” in Munich about 2-2-2+ listening possibilities and later on in 2008 experienced at the Galaxy studios about 3D Audio I knew this had to be the next generation in experiencing music! French Oboe Sonatas (2008) was the first album I recorded in 3D Audio, nowadays called “Immersive Sound”, and since then I recorded all albums for Aliud Records this way. Now more than 100 albums to date.


World Premiere; First-Ever Live Performance Streamed in High-Quality Immersive Audio with HD Picture over IP 

On Wednesday 28th October,  AURO Technologies in conjunction with WOWOW conducted an Advanced Audio Distribution Experiment from Hakuju Hall in Tomigaya with great success. This was the world’s first attempt to hold a piano and drum duo concert by Mayo Nakano and Takanobu Baba, and to live-stream the video and sound using the AURO-3D high-quality immersive audio coding technology AURO-Codec.

This event is another milestone AURO-3D can add to its impressive list of “first-ever” achievements, it is also another milestone in the history of the audio industry.  The world famous Japanese journalist Reiji Asakura wrote in Yahoo Japan; “This experiment is groundbreaking in that it can capture a place and bring the concert hall itself into the home, and I think it is a revolution in the way Edison’s ‘Mary’s Sheep’ was recorded on a gramophone”.

With more than 1 million homes already with AURO-3D compatible receivers by more than 60 different AV Receiver models in the market means there is no need for any software or hardware upgrade, this solution is backwards compatible with even the first-ever AV Receivers sold with AURO-3D.  Due to updated regulations around the Covid-19 outbreak, measures were taken meaning attendance was by invite only with very limited numbers possible.


Interview with Mr. BJ Hwang, President of Sound Mirror Korea

We have reached Mr. BJ Hwang, President of Sound Mirror Korea, and asked him several questions around AURO-3D usage in the latest movie Steel Rain 2

1) Where and when did you experience AURO-3D for the first time? How was it?
Mr. BJ Hwang: In 2016, I was mixing the Notre-dame de Paris movie at the AuroTorium, the mixing stage of Galaxy Studios in which the HQ of Auro Technologies are located. Also, I had chances to hear various AURO-3D sounds in a small listening room, and the scoring stage at Galaxy Studios. I was very impressed by all three spaces. In particular, I was surprised that the mixing stage of Galaxy Studios sounded way superior to what I previously heard in one of the best theatres in Korea that has the same speakers with different immersive sound setups. I also liked AURO-3D sound from the small living room environment. Before that, I had been working on surround sound for over 10 years, and I was able to discover more creative possibilities with AURO-3D.

2) Why did you choose the AURO-3D format for the movie Steel Rain 2?
Mr. BJ Hwang: Even in audio shows, I was always looking for the best sound experience while listening to Surround or Immersive Sound. Needless to say, I heard the best immersive sound at Auro Technologies HQ (Galaxy Studios) and installed AURO-3D, 9.1 CH at Sound Mirror studio in Seoul, and continued recording music using AURO-3D format after visiting Auro Technologies HQ since 2016. This time, I was asked to mix the music with Immersive Sound for Steel Rain 2, and of course, AURO-3D was my first choice because I was fully convinced that AURO-3D Immersive Sound is much better than any other immersive formats because it feels much more natural, a higher immersive impact and as such a higher emotional experience when watching a movie or listening to music only.


Clarification on Auro-Matic® v2.0

During a recent interview with Grobi TV, we inadvertently cause confusion about the timing of future enhancements to our popular Auro-Matic® upmixer.

Along with our valued partner Denon and Marantz, we are always striving to provide the best in class audio experience. We are constantly innovating and constantly looking for ways to deliver the highest quality audio experience possible.

And while we have received outstanding feedback about Auro-Matic®, like all innovative companies we are looking for ways to enhance our offering. We will be working closely with Denon and Marantz on the timing and delivery aspects of any new enhancements, and will make an announcement to the market when we have further details.

We apologize for any confusion arising from the recent interview and we will strive to keep everyone updated via our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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