AURO-3D Goes Freemium with New and Improved Creative Tool Suite 3.0


All New Creative Tools Suite

All New Creative Tools Suite Available Now

Mol, Belgium – January 8th, 2021 – AURO Technologies today announced the release of the AURO-3D Creative Tools Suite 3.0.  The latest version of the Creative Tools Suite not only provides a whole host of new features, it is now simpler than ever to access all the main features of the Creative Tools Suite and start working in AURO-3D. Through the new AURO-3D web-shop and new licensing plan the main features of the tools suite, enabling the creation of immersive content are now available for free.

The AURO-3D Creative Tools Suite provides audio professionals with a complete set of plug-ins for the creation and authoring of immersive and interactive content in the AURO-3D formats in parallel to legacy format mixes.  Each plug-in in the suite provides a distinct functionality, designed to optimally integrate into any existing content-creation workflow for movies, music and broadcast applications.  The Creative Tools Suite 3.0 delivers a variety of new features all designed with the audio professional in mind with a focus on intuitive and efficient solutions to a variety of content creation requirements.

“With this new update of our Creative Tools Suite, we have added very powerful functions that will bring the creation of Next Generation Audio within reach of many engineers that previously were not able to mix immersive or interactive content.  Making the most of this functionality available for free will now bring our Tools Suite also in reach of many students and aspiring musicians who can now experiment with the amazing possibilities of immersive sound in AURO-3D. We are very excited to see and hear what audio engineers, musicians and producers will create with the newest version of the AURO-3D Tools Suite and hope we can help them in releasing new and great AURO-3D content in the near future. In the meantime, we keep the focus on further improving the workflow, with many exciting announcements to come in the near future.”

New features include the all new and patent pending AURO rendering algorithms with room-centric panning, ensuring all mixes are translated as the creator intended from playback in the studio, to cinema, home systems and mobile devices. Support for channel and object-based audio with dynamic objects for Immersive mixes is now offered, with dialog enhancement through interactive gains as well as support for multiple languages, auxiliary tracks, commentary tracks and much more in a single audio stream.

To provide users improved efficiency and simplified workflows the new monitoring function makes it possible to switch between different versions of the mix on the same monitoring setup, a feature totally unique to the Creative Tools Suite.  Correct mix profile selection ensures compatibility with the supported features and limitations of the target deliverable. Support for loudness measurement is also offered ensuring users derived down-mixes and interactive programmes comply with EBU R128 guidelines.

New output options are delivered with the Auro-Return plugin, new exports enabled as well as new quality control features with import and playback of SMPTE IAB and ADM files, all this plus the availability of the highly acclaimed Auro-Matic Pro plug-ins as part of the suite delivers audio professionals the ultimate in functionality and convenience for the creation of Immersive and interactive content.

The new licensing model has been thoughtfully developed to deliver users the ultimate in simplicity and convenience, offering a variety of options to suit all. It is possible to export a mix with any of four individual licenses available and for those industry specific requirements, four content creation bundles are delivered in the form of CTS for Music, Cinema, Movies and Broadcast.  Existing users are offered an exclusive upgrade package instantly available on the new AURO-3D web-shop. This also means that all new updates going forward will now be available automatically to ensure users always have the latest and greatest tools at the click of a button.

AURO-3D Creative Tools Suite 3.0 is available now at

Existing users are eligible for very appealing upgrade options and a special 10th Anniversary discount offer of 25% is available on AURO-3D CTS for Music bundle.

World Premiere; First-Ever Live Performance Streamed in High-Quality Immersive Audio with HD Picture over IP 

On Wednesday 28th October,  AURO Technologies in conjunction with WOWOW conducted an Advanced Audio Distribution Experiment from Hakuju Hall in Tomigaya with great success. This was the world’s first attempt to hold a piano and drum duo concert by Mayo Nakano and Takanobu Baba, and to live-stream the video and sound using the AURO-3D high-quality immersive audio coding technology AURO-Codec.

This event is another milestone AURO-3D can add to its impressive list of “first-ever” achievements, it is also another milestone in the history of the audio industry.  The world famous Japanese journalist Reiji Asakura wrote in Yahoo Japan; “This experiment is groundbreaking in that it can capture a place and bring the concert hall itself into the home, and I think it is a revolution in the way Edison’s ‘Mary’s Sheep’ was recorded on a gramophone”.

With more than 1 million homes already with AURO-3D compatible receivers by more than 60 different AV Receiver models in the market means there is no need for any software or hardware upgrade, this solution is backwards compatible with even the first-ever AV Receivers sold with AURO-3D.  Due to updated regulations around the Covid-19 outbreak, measures were taken meaning attendance was by invite only with very limited numbers possible.

The recording and mixing carried out by renowned Japanese sound engineer and executive creator at WOWOW, Hideo Irimajiri brought the whole experience together receiving incredibly positive feedback from those who experienced the live concert in the hall as well as the playback in the foyer that provided such a “remarkably natural immersive sound experience”.  Reiji Asakura wrote in the Japanese magazine Stereo Sound ONLINE: “I experienced the sound of streaming in the foyer before I heard the live performance in the hall, and I could feel the softly enveloping sound field, the sharp piano sound and the powerful drum bass. It felt as if I was in the hall. The Hakuju Hall has a very high ceiling, and the sound can spread unhindered, but I could even perceive this “height” in the playback”.

Kimio Hamasaki Director Business Affairs and Business Development Japan; Standardisation Officer said of the event “I remember the launch of AURO-3D at the AES Spatial Conference that I organized in October 2010 in Tokyo, it is amazing that 10 years later, this natural immersive experience and its audio quality can now be streamed over IP to everyone, even if they don’t have an AURO-3D setup because then the 5.1 or Stereo version will be heard in the way it was intended by the creators. Wilfried presented his ideas of AURO-3D in my workshop ‘Surround Sound with Height’ at AES Paris and San Francisco Conventions in 2006 and he introduced the end-to-end solution of Immersive Sound by AURO-3D at the AES 40th International Conference on Spatial Audio in 2010 chaired by myself.”

World’s First Discrete 3D Audio Live Performance Using AURO-3D

Mol, Belgium – October 27 2020 – On Wednesday 28th October 2020, AURO Technologies and WOWOW, the leading Japanese broadcaster, will conduct a live video distribution experiment straight from Hakuju Hall, Tokyo. The concert being streamed will be that of piano and drum duo Mayo Nakano and Takanobu Baba.  This will be the world’s first discrete 3D audio live performance using the AURO-3D high-quality immersive audio coding technology AURO-Codec.

Having seen the amazing evolution of picture quality for streaming in recent years it is increasingly apparent that the sound quality provided is not matching up to the visual quality delivered to consumers.  AURO provides the solution to this issue by bringing the best quality in the most efficient way possible with AURO 9.1 creating a totally new immersive experience as “you are there”! The emotional impact is not comparable with anything you know so far.

AURO Technologies will be taking part in this experiment as the partner who provides the key technology to allow WOWOW as a broadcaster to distribute high-quality live immersive content using the NTT smart connect platform throughout the whole of Japan.  As key technology provider AURO has the privilege to also experience this Tokyo live event in realtime at AURO Head Quarters in Mol, Belgium and will be able to demonstrate its capabilities using this platform. The demonstration at AURO Head Quarters will deliver this live performance through multiple play-back scenarios: on AV-Receivers using an AURO 9.1 speaker set up, in a digital Cinema complex via the AuroTorium and even on a Soundbar showcasing the newest Auro-Scene virtual speaker technology for Soundbars.

As such, AURO will demonstrate two new innovations simultaneously; high-resolution AURO-3D streaming over IP (OTT) and immersive audio on a soundbar.

With more than 1 million homes already with AURO-3D enabled devices in the field by more than 60 different AV Receiver models in the market, those consumers at home will soon be able to experience streaming with AURO-3D enjoying the same high audio and video quality they are used to from a Blu-ray.

Through the drive for innovation and an uncompromising approach to quality, AURO revolutionized the audio industry by coming as the first-ever with an end-to-end solution to bring 3D Audio (Immersive Audio) to all audio markets. This concert is again a major milestone in AURO’s mission of bringing a breathtaking Immersive Audio experience to everyone, everywhere.

ARCAM Adds AURO-3D Immersive Audio Technology

ARCAM announces the addition of Auro-3D technology to its latest AV receivers, the AVR10, AVR20, and AVR30, as well as to its formidable AV40 AV processor. AURO-3D is an immersive – and fully backwards compatible – technology and format that creates a full, three-dimensional space around the listener.

The magic of AURO-3D technology is found in its introduction of, and use of, the crucial third and final dimension – the height layer. With recommended speaker configurations ranging from Auro 9.1 to  Auro 13.1, the updated ARCAM models can transform the listening room, transporting the listener into the virtual world of their selected content, regardless of the original format.

True to form, the ARCAM design team expertly implements AURO-3D for AVR, combining the Auro-Codec decoder and Auro-Matic up-mixer, enabling an immersive audio experience that accurately reproduces 3D audio for a superior effect. To experience AURO-3D, the user simply requires an AVR10, AVR20, AVR30 or AV40, plus a Blu-ray player, and an Auro-3D configured speaker array.

“Auro Technologies is thrilled to see AURO-3D enabled on the newest ARCAM AV receivers. This announcement signifies a milestone for the expansion of Auro-3D into more devices and ARCAM’s commitment to expand the availability of AURO-3D,” said Rudy Van Duppen, CEO of Auro Technologies. “AURO-3D brings to customers the truest to real-life immersive experiences for the Home.”

“We’re very pleased to have AURO-3D certified on our products allowing the end-user greater choice and flexibility.”, said Nick Clarke, Senior Director, Global Engineering Luxury Audio. “It’s been a really fun experience working with the AURO-3D team to bring this partnership to life and I’m excited by the possibilities it brings to the experience of ARCAM users – both now and in the future.”

AURO-3D capable speaker formations do not require ceiling speakers, meaning no need to lug out the toolbox. Simply mount speakers above the existing surround layer to enable the required vertical stereo field. Here, the AURO-3D-equipped ARCAM models add a ‘height layer’ directly above the speakers at 30 degrees.

When it comes to content, AURO-3D is already available on Blu-ray discs and the catalogue continues to grow. Crucially, though, Auro-3D technology also works with ‘non-Auro’ content. Whatever the resolution of the audio input, the ARCAM machines employ the Auro-Matic up-mixer to convert any and all content into the AURO-3D format, recognising existing mono, stereo, or 5.7/7.1 surround signals and transforming them into 3D audio. Therefore, regardless of the original format, the listener can always enjoy the thrilling effect of sound in 3D.

With effect from April 17th AURO-3D will be available, as a firmware update, to the ARCAM AVR10, AVR20, AVR30, and AV40.

You’re Going to Want to Hear This

Auro-3D Introduces New Standard-Setting Soundbar and Stereo Speaker Solutions

Mol, Belgium – February 20th 2020 – Auro Technologies is taking its home entertainment offering to the next level with two new solutions for Soundbar and stereo speakers. The multiple award-winning Auro-3D technology has been adapted to create a bespoke solution capable of reproducing the original authentic Auro-3D experience on Soundbar and Stereo speakers. The technologies showcase first-class engineering to provide unrivalled authentic audio quality; setting a new standard for soundbar and stereo speakers. The solutions have been built from the ground up with quality, simplicity, flexibility and compatibility in mind to benefit everyone.

Auro-Scene Virtual Speaker Technology

The new Auro-Scene virtual speaker technology for Soundbar provides an engaging and vivid experience for those looking to achieve an Immersive experience at home without the commitment of a full home cinema installation. Integrated into the new Auro-3D Engine v3, Auro-Scene is tuned to deliver optimal results alongside our acclaimed Auro-Codec and Auro-Matic.

Auro-Scene in parallel with the Auro-Codec and Auro-Matic is capable of playback from any source (e.g. stereo, 5.1/7.1), across any content ( movies, music, sports…), in turn, creating a virtual 3D space around you. Whatever the requirements may be; across movies, tv, music and gaming, the new virtual speaker solution from Auro-3D is able to transform any space in the home.  Providing you entry into a world where every breath-taking moment is not only heard but also felt.  It is now possible with only a Soundbar to escape into the story and get lost in the music; experience every moment and emotion the way nature intended with Auro-3D.

“We are excited to be introducing the Auro virtualisation technology for Soundbar into the Home Entertainment market.  Auro’s ambition is to push our technology to a wide variety of Soundbars in the market and more specifically for those seeking a best-in-class immersive 3D home entertainment experience”, said Rudy Van Duppen, CEO at Auro Technologies. “The soundbar technology developed by Auro is very flexible and as such, it supports a wide variety of hardware configurations. We do believe that this Auro Virtualisation technology will set a new reference in Soundbar sound quality”, concludes Van Duppen.

There are 3 possible configurations including satellite speakers. It supports all scenarios ranging from stereo setups, over a standalone 5.1.2 configuration, up to a 7.1.4 configuration including satellite speakers, making it possible to achieve up to 20 speaker configurations. A distinctive and exclusive element of the Auro-3D offering is the use of satellite speakers as Front Height Speakers for a truly breathtaking immersive experience.


Soundbar only setup


Surround with up-firing

7.1.4 (5.1.2 + 2 Satellites)

Front Height with side-firing

7.1.4 (5.1.2 + 2 Satellites)

A brand new Auro-3D Soundbar Reference Design has been developed to demonstrate this advanced and powerful technology, which can be used as a basis for further commercial designs.


This best-in-class, new generation sound enhancement provides a remarkable and instantaneous spatial enhancement of your daily content playback over all stereo systems, including low- and mid-end soundbars, Smart Speakers and car stereo systems. This time Auro Technologies introduces the all-new Auro-Space v2, capable of producing a spatial sound effect on configurations from stereo up to 3.1. Auro-Space v2 provides convincing and authentic immersive improvement of sound quality, capable of bringing your favourite content to life, creating an experience you did not know was possible in stereo.

About Auro Technologies 

Auro Technologies is a spin-off of the privately-owned Galaxy Studios Group, renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art leadership in audio innovation for music and sound for film. After 150 years of evolution in sound recording and reproduction, Wilfried Van Baelen (Chairman, Auro Technologies and CEO, Galaxy Studios) revolutionized sound by bringing “Immersive Sound” (Sound in 3D) as an end-to-end solution for all markets with his Auro-3D® format. The addition of the missing and final dimension in sound (“Height”) combined with Auro-3D’s ground-breaking technologies provides a natural immersive sound experience unlike anything you’ve heard before, creating a totally new emotional level of entertainment in music, movies, games, events etc. The Auro-3D® Technology Suite offers easy-to-use and unprecedented levels of sound reproduction capabilities to the broadcast, digital cinema, home cinema, mobile, gaming, and automotive markets. To learn more about Auro, follow us: |

LUX Wins Best Immersive Audio Album at 62nd Grammy Awards

With a World record of over 30 consecutive Grammy nominations, last night Morten Lindberg and his label, 2L were finally recognised for all their hard work and dedication. We are so happy to be able to congratulate Morten, the 2L label and everyone involved on a truly well-deserved first Grammy Award win for Best Immersive Audio Album with Lux. It has been a long time coming and we are sure this is only the first of many more to come.

Ever since Morten began working with Auro-3D and we were able to use his productions in our demos, the emotional response elicited from listeners during these demos spoke for itself.  With his knowledge of Immersive sound technology, Morten has been able to push the boundaries of possibility with what can be achieved in Immersive content creation.  2L was born out of a passion for high-fidelity audio.  This, in combination with Morten’s creative expertise, has taken the Auro-3D technology and truly made an art form out of it. We want to thank Morten for his continued contributions both in recording and producing in Immersive sound.  His work serves as a continued inspiration to engineers, producers and artists everywhere and sets a standard within the music industry and the evolution of Immersive sound.

Auro Technologies and Turbine Announce Multi-Picture Deal

Mol, Belgium & Munster, Germany – September 4, 2019 – Auro Technologies have this week announced a multi-picture deal together with Turbine, a German-based home video distributor.  The deal furthers Auro Technologies commitment to delivering more content to the market, supporting local language content and further developing the market presence of Auro-3D®️ in Home Entertainment.

The new deal will see 10 catalogue movies re-released on Blu-ray and/or UHD with Auro-3D mixes, for the German-speaking markets. Iwan De Kuijper Content Director at Auro Technologies said, “The native German-speaking market has always been key to Auro Technologies.  From day one we’ve seen a strong Auro-3D following in the region, so for us, the deal with Turbine only supports that which has been growing naturally over time.  We are excited to work with the talented people at Turbine to add to our footprint of German Dubbed Auro-3D Blu-ray movies and associate our sound quality excellence with Turbine, a brand that understands the value of their products like we do in sound.”

Turbine has spent the past 15 years successfully producing fans’ products by fans, specialising in re-issues and special collectors’ editions. This partnership is a natural combination of two companies’ passion for providing exceptional products and experiences to both cinephiles and audiophiles. Viewers will be able to look forward to a selection of both timeless classics and hidden gems complete with full Auro-3D experience, providing something for everyone.

Christian Bartsch, Technical Director at Turbine, comments: “50% of movie magic is sound. This is why our remastering and restoration efforts not only aim at creating a perfect picture, but a coherent presentation – including top-notch audio. Auro-3D gives us perfect sound and a new dimension to work with.”

The Auro 11.1 mixing will take place at the renowned Galaxy Studios in Mol, Belgium; the home of Auro Technologies and a creative hub with world-class facilities for motion picture post-production and sound recording. To produce the Auro-3D mix, Auro Technologies uses creative remixing and upmixing techniques, such as the Auro-Matic Pro upmixer and other tools in the Auro-3D Creative Tool Suite. This provides a breathtakingly realistic and dynamic sound that immerses the viewer into the atmosphere of the content’s origination where they can truly feel the emotion and power of every scene.

About Auro Technologies 

Auro Technologies is a spin-off of the privately-owned Galaxy Studios Group, renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art leadership in audio innovation for music and sound for film. After 150 years of evolution in sound recording and reproduction, Wilfried Van Baelen (Chairman, Auro Technologies and CEO, Galaxy Studios) revolutionized sound by bringing “Immersive Sound” (Sound in 3D) as an end-to-end solution for all markets with his Auro-3D® format. The addition of the missing and final dimension in sound (“Height”) combined with Auro-3D’s ground-breaking technologies provides a natural immersive sound experience unlike anything you’ve heard before, creating a totally new emotional level of entertainment in music, movies, games, events etc. The Auro-3D® Technology Suite offers easy-to-use and unprecedented levels of sound reproduction capabilities to the broadcast, digital cinema, home cinema, mobile, gaming, and automotive markets. To learn more about Auro, please visit

About Turbine Media Group

Turbine was founded in 2004 by acclaimed film producer Christian Becker (“Bang Boom Bang”, “Fack ju Göhte”, “The Wave”, “Colonia Dignidad”, “Jim Button & Luke the Engine Driver) and DVD manager Phil Friederichs (“The Fifth Element”, “Memento”, “Metropolis”) with the intention of producing high quality home video products of German films. 2009 marked Turbine’s first international acquisition of iconic cult classic “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, which Turbine had to unconfiscate, unban and submit for a re-rating (a legal first after more than 35 years), resulting in the full rehabilitation of a film that had been illegal in the territory for decades. Today Turbine is known for outstanding home video releases, including lavishly fitted collectible editions of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and the fully uncut version of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” (both in cooperation with Universal), “Hellraiser Trilogy”, “Johnny Mnemonic” and many more.

Auro Technologies solutions to become part of the Chinese 3D Audio Standard (C3DA)

Belgium March 20, 2019 – The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA), have both requested accelerated development of 4K UHD and 3D audio related standards and to integrate the newest technology into the existing broadcast system. Auro Technologies participated in the standardisation process and key elements of the Auro-3D format and technology suite have been selected to become part of the upcoming Chinese 3D Audio Standard (C3DA), driving the immersive and interactive experience for the broadcast world.

Auro Technologies introduced “Immersive Sound” and revolutionised the audio industry with the Auro-3D Format, after its inventor Wilfried Van Baelen presented its 3D speaker layouts in 2006 at the AES convention. These speaker layouts (Auro 9.1 up to Auro 13.1) were adopted by various standards such as ITU-R BS.2051, which is also used by the new Chinese 3D Audio Standard.  Although the naming uses a different numbering system, Auro 9.1, or 5.1.4 (5.1 + 4 Height speakers), it still remains the most efficient speaker layout to reproduce a 3D sound field whilst maintaining backwards compatibility with 5.1 Surround.


KDX is introducing Simulated Reality at CES

CES Las Vegas January 8 2018

KDX, the leading glasses-free 3D company, is introducing Simulated Reality (SR) at CES 2018 recognizing the change taking place in immersive computing. While VR/AR/MR are contributing to this trend, our vision is to experience sight and sound indistinguishable from reality, without limitations, as the ultimate form of immersive computing. This is what we call Simulated Reality. The Simulated Reality Alliance is supporting this vision, with several technology companies joining forces to establish it. According to Maarten Tobias, CEO of Dimenco (a fully owned KDX subsidiary) “When it comes to shared experiences, simulated reality will eliminate our limitations. Time, location and budget will no longer restrict what we can do. We make the impossible possible”


Auro-3D Immersive Sound format confirms its presence in the Porsche cars with the Cayenne

Mol, Belgium – December, 21, 2017 Auro Technologies announced that the Auro-3D® Immersive Sound experience will be available in the Burmester High-End 3D Sound System in the new Porsche Cayenne, officially launched in November.  Prior to this, in 2016, the Porsche Panamera was announced with the Burmester and Auro-3D technology Immersive Sound system.

More than 60 journalists in audio, life style, and automotive press were invited to fly in to Brussels and given the opportunity to drive a Porsche Panamera or Cayenne to Galaxy Studios. By following their navigation system in the car, they were taken on a beautiful route so they could test and enjoy the new driving experience achieved with Auro-3D in the Burmester High-End 3D Sound system. All loudspeaker housings are perfectly matched and deliver superior bass foundation, definition, and precision. The result is a natural and rich textured spatial sound, even at high volume.





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