Auro-3D® Authoring Tools and the Auriga™ PRO 3D Sound Processor to be showcased at the AES Convention

Mol, Belgium, 27April 2014 – Auro Technologies will be presenting the updated Auro-3D® Authoring tools and, for the first time ever, its new Reference 3D Sound Processor Auriga™ PRO at the AES Convention in Berlin.  With the integration of the Auro-Codec® Encoder into the Auro-3D® Authoring Tools, the tools provide a simple and flexible solution to create native 3D audio. The Auriga™ PRO processor brings the latest in professional cinema technology and 3D Audio for professional use.  Both will be on display at the Auro Technologies Demo Booth at Stand no. 10.

The Auro-3D® format is the next step in sound evolution, creating an amazing immersive experience for the listener. The Auro-3D® Authoring Tools allow you to create immersive 3D sound without interfering with your existing workflow, whilst making the 3D content available through a single file distribution to be played back in digital cinema, or home theatre via Blu-ray™. The move from two-dimensional Surround sound (5.1/7.1) to Auro-3D® is a break-through achieved by adding the missing dimension of height. The Auro-3D® format uniquely adds both a height and top layer to create a realistic three-dimensional soundscape, and the new integrated Auro-3D® Authoring Tools allow content creators to work flexibly and efficiently across all of these dimensions in sound.

Auro-3D® Auriga™ PRO

Auro-3D® Auriga™ PRO

The Auro-3D® Auriga™ PRO, as a full-function state-of-the-art processor, supports the most advanced high-resolution audio and video formats, and comes ready for current 3D audio formats with Auro-3D®’s Engine inside. The Auriga™ PRO is the reference processor for Auro-3D® Decoding and allows the user to reproduce the full immersive 3D cinema sound experience.

The Auro Demo Booth will offer the opportunity to see both the Auro-3D® Authoring Tools and Auro-3D® Auriga™ PRO in action and experience the immersive effect of Auro-3D® sound, whilst the Invisible Space Session will provide the chance to listen to Auro-3D® recordings of classical music, alongside a discussion of the practical and aesthetic production aspects of Auro-3D® recordings;
Additionally, the Auro Booth at AES will feature demos of the Pinguin Roomenizer, a software tool capable of creating extremely natural, virtual environments for 3D Audio. The Roomenizer will be showcased by Ralph Kessler from Pinguin Engineering and you will be able to experience its full capabilities directly at the Auro booth every day or by registering for a beta phase at


The Auro-3D® Authoring Tools consist of a set of plug-ins which now includes 3D panning and mixing with support for all Auro-3D® formats and various Surround formats, as well as encoding with the Auro-Codec®. A basic Auro-3D® session consists of the Auro-Panner™, Auro-Bus, Auro-Mixing Engine, and Auro-Return plug-ins. Each plug-in is inserted on its own DAW audio track and connects to the A3DHost processor. The Auro-Panner™ sends its track’s audio to a selected Auro-Bus, which routes the signals to one or more Auro-Mixing Engines. The Auro-Mixing Engine lets you set Auro-3D® and down-mix configuration settings, mixes the audio, and then sends it back to the DAW using the Auro-Return plug-ins for monitoring and bouncing of the mix. It also contains the Auro-Codec® Encoder to immediately output the encoded deliverable.

Auro-3D® Authoring Tools Mixing Engine

Auro-3D® Authoring Tools Mixing Engine

This set of plugins is designed to be easily integrated into any existing content-creation workflow, while solving many technical limitations present in DAW stations, such as limited bus widths and the lack of 3D panning. All tools allow the creative to work within the uncompressed audio domain, and multiple masters (in different formats) can be mixed at the same time. Combined with the Auro-Matic™ Pro up-mixing plug-in, this makes the full Auro-3D® Creative Tool Suite the most flexible and most efficient solution on the market for the creation of 3D immersive sound.



o 3D Panning

o Support for all Auro-3D® formats as well as various Surround formats

o Simultaneous mixing to multiple formats

o Support for various hardware controllers

o Auro-Codec® Encoding


o MAC OSX 10.7 and higher


 Auro Technologies is present at the 136th International AES Convention in Berlin on Saturday, April 26, through Tuesday, April 29, 2014. Here you will also find our demo room, where you can see the Auro-3D® Authoring Tools and the Auriga™ PRO in action, and experience the immersive effect of Auro-3D® sound. You will be able to experience the full capabilities of the Pinguin Roomenizer at the Auro booth. Find more information about the AES Event here and the Auro-3D session here.