IFA 2014: Auro Technologies to showcase the first ever true 3D Audio-Video Receiver, the Auro-3D® Auriga™ and preview two new 3D immersive sound AV receivers

IFA 2014Mol, Belgium, XX August 2014 – Auro Technologies is showcasing the ground-breaking true 3D sounds of the Auro-3D® Auriga™ at IFA, and will also offer a sneak preview of two new true 3D AV receivers ahead of their launch next week.
Auro Technologies are the creators of the Auro-3D® format, which revolutionized as first in history the cinema industry with true 3D Sound, called Immersive Sound.. This exciting move from two-dimensional Surround sound (5.1/7.1) formats to Auro-3D® is a break-through achieved by adding the missing third dimension of height in front and all around the listener achieving a natural true 3D sound. The unique Auro-3D speaker layouts deliver the most efficient immersive sound experience around the listener which surpasses anything you’ve heard before.The Auro-3D® Auriga™ is truly a milestone in the history of sound reproduction being the first ever true 3D Audio-Video Receiver, a state of the art processor delivering a 540° hemispherical sound field with high resolution audio in each channel and full backwards compatibility. The Auro-3D® Auriga™ will be running full demonstrations of its amazing 3D sound field throughout IFA 2014.

Auro Technologies’ unique and groundbreaking technology offers true 3D audio playback capabilities with much more than 8 PCM channels using existing Blu-ray™ players. The single file distribution and backwards compatibility of the Auro-3D® format allows 3D sound to be easily delivered into the home via Blu-ray™ discs, with playback in Stereo, 5.1 / 7.1 Surround Sound, and Auro 9.1. (up to Auro 13.1). Additionally, the integrated Auro-Matic® is a revolutionary technology that allows existing, native Stereo and Surround Sound content to be up-mixed, converting legacy film and music into a natural 3D listening experience.

The Auro-3D® Auriga™, as a full-function state-of-the-art processor, supports the most advanced high-resolution audio and up to 4K video formats, and comes ready for current 3D audio formats with Auro-3D®’s technology suite. Supporting all available high-resolution audio formats, including Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio, the Auriga™ combines in a single unit the best technologies in an elegant form designed for the discerning eye of the luxury residential customer.
“The Auro-3D® Auriga™ is a state of the art processor delivering the most efficient immersive sound at home using the unique Auro-3D® speaker layout which create a 360+180° hemispherical sound field with high resolution audio in each channel and full backwards compatibility” says Wilfried Van Baelen, inventor of the Auro-3D® format and CEO of Auro Technologies. “It’s truly a milestone in audio, being the first ever AV Receiver that reproduces true 3D Sound in front, above and all around the listener.”

At IFA 2014, Auro Technologies will also preview their brand new Auro-3D® Crux™ and Mensa™ AV Receivers. Auro-3D® Crux™ is the first integrated 3D sound home cinema processor to deliver high end audio features at a price point for a wide range of home cinemas and media rooms making full immersive 3D sound available to those installations for the first time. The Auro-3D® Mensa™ AV Processor is one of the most versatile, customizable and feature-rich audio processors available today in the high end consumer space. Exclusively designed for Auro Technologies, the Auro-3D® Mensa™ will be an attractive component of any luxury home entertainment system. The Auro-3D® Crux™ brings professional cinema audio technology to the home with its stylish design, ideal for both in-room as well as rack mounted installations.
“The Crux™ and Mensa™ will be the latest additions to our range, bringing a world of 3D sound into the home. They will be officially launched in a few days, and we are delighted to be able to offer a sneak preview at our booth during IFA.” says Wilfried Van Baelen. “We’re sure that everyone will be keen to see the latest additions of this new sound revolution, that started with the launch of the Auro-3D® format as a one cross-market solution for next generation audio. The closer to real life sound, the more immersive and emotional is the impact of the sound experience!”

Auro Technologies’ AV receivers are only the first step in bringing 3D audio to the consumer. The Auro-3D® format will soon be available in a variety of high-end and mid-range AV receivers of recognised brand, cars, mobile devices, gaming, and headphones.
Additionally, more and more Auro-3D® content is available now. Over 50 international films, such as The Amazing Spiderman 2, are already slated for release in Auro-3D®, with many more film and music titles yet to come. Recently announced music titles are pop band Mando Diao’s latest album Aelita and German ambient pop project Lichtmond’s latest album and world’s first ambient album in immersive Auro-3D®: Lichtmond 3 – Days of Eternity. Moreover, millions of titles already available via consumer’s current movie and music collection, will be automatically converted into the most immersive 3D sound available to date with the groundbreaking Auro-Matic® algorithm which is part of the Auro-3D® Engine in each of the above devices.

In light of Lichtmond’s latest release, Lichtmond and Auro Technologies will introduce Lichtmond 3 – Days of Eternity during IFA. The world premiere of their brand new Auro-3D® album will be held at IFA. For this occasion, Lichtmond will be present at IFA for a signing session and a meet and greet.

The Auro-3D® Auriga™, Crux™ and Mensa™ AV Receivers are on display at the Auro Technologies demo room in Hall 25, booth 147 at IFA – Berlin – from 5 till 10 september 2014.

The Integrated 3D Sound Processor is being distributed world-wide by partners including Mareor, MBS Studios Ltd., MDSG S.r.l., MMS Cinema, NSHT, Stassen Hifi, Sound Developments Ltd., StormAudio™, Grobi TV and Tasindo Mandiri Indonesia. Exclusive distribution for the Auro-3D® Auriga™ in Greater China: MBS Studios Ltd.