Auro-3D® goes mobile: Vustar and Auro Technologies bring immersive 3D audio to the palm of your hand

Sydney, Australia / Mol, Belgium, 10 January 2015 – Auro Technologies and VuStar have created a mobile audio experience that delivers emotion and power over regular headphones. Combining the revolutionary Auro-3D® audio format with VuStar’s mobile infotainment expertise has resulted in an immersive professional cinema sound solution for your mobile device.

VuStar illustrationVuStar’s integration of Auro Technologies’ software will enable mobile platform manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to offer this life-like audio experience to their consumers, whether for smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. The scalable solution can decode Auro-3D® film or music content, but can also automatically upmix Mono, Stereo or Surround sound into an immersive 3D experience.


Mobile users demand more and more from their devices, and now they can experience the natural life-like sound of Auro-3D® in the palm of their hand,” says Graham Favell, CEO of VuStar. “Our partnership with Auro Technologies will allow mobile device manufacturers to offer the next generation audio format to their consumers around the world.

I’m delighted that we have found a way to deliver the incredible Auro-3D® experience for mobile devices,” stated Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies and inventor of the Auro-3D® format. “We have brought blockbuster movies to the big cinema screen, film and music to the home cinema, and now our partnership with VuStar will put Auro-3D® into the hands of consumers around the world. It has always been our vision to make Auro-3D® a cross-market solution, and now you can experience immersive audio wherever you go. With Auro-3D® for automotive and gaming coming as well, these are exciting times for the Auro-3D® format.

First integrated into digital cinemas as Auro 11.1 by Barco™, the Auro-3D® format is the next generation in audio, adding a Height layer around the audience to fully immerse the listener in a cocoon of life-like sound, called  “Immersive Sound”.

VuStar provides Tier 1 Telecommunication and Data services including cloud storage and as the integrator of Auro-3D technology for mobile platforms is now offering the Auro-3D technology to suppliers and manufacturers worldwide.
Auro cx®, the mobile version of the Auro-3D® engine, allows you to:

  • decode and playback any Auro-3D® film or music content on your mobile device
  • upmix all legacy content (Mono, Stereo, or Surround) to automatically create an immersive 3D audio experience, using the Auro-Matic™ algorithm

Combining Auro-3D® with binaural technology adds a Height layer which envelops the listener, for the most natural listening experience ever.

Supercharge your mobile listening with true 3D mobile audio for the very first time.

Disclaimer: Auro-3D®, Auro-Matic® and Auro-cx ® are registered trademarks and service marks of Auro Technologies NV. VuStar is a Trademark within the VuStar Global Group.

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