Ozark Henry’s ‘Paramount’ Released In Auro 9.1 Immersive Audio

Ozark Henry - ParamountBRUSSELS, March 6 2015: OZARK HENRY has just released his new album ‘PARAMOUNT’ which he recorded with the National Orchestra of Belgium. This collaboration presents a unique and world-class hybrid of pop and classical music. It also marks the first time in their existence that the National Orchestra pays tribute to the repertoire of a non-classical artist.

The renowned symphony orchestra asked Ozark Henry to compile an album that reflects his past, present and future. The result is a monumental career overview augmented with 4 brand new songs, all performed with striking arrangements for the orchestra.
‘Paramount’ is also the first Belgian album to be mastered in the best possible audio standard: Auro 9.1. The music was recorded, mixed and ​mastered in three dimensions. This is a world first for a Belgian album release, and the result is a audio experience of the highest order.
It is the ultimate musical experience in 3D.

The album ‘Paramount’ is now available in 3 physical formats: CD, double LP (incl. CD version) and Pure Audio Blu-Ray (incl. 5.1 and Auro 9.1 audio).
Stay informed about the ‘Paramount’ project on the updated website.

On March 5th, Ozark Henry and the National Orchestra of Belgium presented the album during the concert premiere at Bozar (Brussels). It was an evening that won’t be soon forgotten, as it was a unique experience to witness the intense beauty of this collaboration in a live setting! Ozark Henry and the orchestra were met with several standing ovations.

There are still 2 sold-out concerts planned for March:
Thursday 12/03/2015 – 20:00 – Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi
Friday 13/03/2015 – 20:00 – Casino Kursaal, Ostend
Just recently an extra concert at the Lotto Arena was announced.