World’s largest touring production confirms use of cutting-edge sound format technology

Cavalia OdysseoCannes, May 14 2015: Wilfried Van Baelen’s Auro Technologies announced today that it its leading immersive sound format Auro-3D® has been employed on ODYSSEO 3D by Cavalia. The live recording of the world’s largest touring production got its World Premiere at Cannes International Film Festival on Thursday 14th May at 1.30pm at Olympia 7.

Directed by Sung-Bok Myron Jung, and produced by Korean production outfit Fabulous, Odysseo 3D marries live theatre, the equestrian arts, and cutting-edge technology in a highly innovative live performance. The show, featuring an incredible 65 horses and 45 artists, was shot in the US last October entirely in 4K resolution. Auro-3D®, combined with immersive 4K and 3D, will allow audiences to experience the highs of the live performance with exceptional realism.

Director Sung-Bok Myron Jung said: ‘’Odysseo by Cavalia is a show that deserves more than conventional filming. I opted for a 4K 3D capture to best convey the grandeur and mesmerizing visuals of the performance. Viewers won’t be disappointed; it is a gripping experience. To complete the visual and to take this experience to another level, I wanted to provide a 3D sound experience that only Auro 3D’s innovative and cutting edge technology could offer. Audiences will literally feel as if there are in the venue with the artists.’

Wilfried Van Baelen commented: ‘Odysseo 3D brings Cavalia’s startlingly ambitious live show to Cannes. Audiences will get the full front-row experience – with gravity-defying acrobatics taking place right above their heads, and staggering stunts performed right in front of their eyes. Our Auro-3D® technology will ensure that the audience joins in with every gasp of amazement, lost in a stunning live show that feels like a bold step into the future.’

The Auro-3D® listening format delivers the most natural immersive sound experience on the market. It is an exciting move from two-dimensional surround sound formats to threedimensional sound, achieved by adding the missing and final dimension in sound‘height’ in front of and all around the viewer. Auro-3D® is the only sound system on the market that has just one file, making it easy for distributors to achieve high-resolution audio on any system in the world. The format is currently on display at the Cannes Film Festival in an Auro-3D® theater specially constructed next to the AURO offices and lounge on the Hotel Majestic Plage.

International sales for ODESSYO 3D at the festival are being handled by 9ers Entertainment.

About Fabulous
Founded in April 2010, Fabulous has dived into the world of New Media and Alternative Content with an insatiable appetite. Under the slogan “Premier Contents in Premier Format”, Fabulous has released 11 live performance captures for theatrical release so far, using cutting edge technologies such as 4K, 3D, Screen X, Surround Viewing, Circle Vision, and Oculus. Fabulous’ portfolio offers a wide palette of genres, from musicals and live concerts to ballets or theatre, also including documentaries and exhibitions.