Get immersed in the Big Apple: Auro Technologies to take the stage at CE Week 2015

CEweek2015Auro-3D® to envelop it’s listeners at the Sound Room during CE Week




Mol, Belgium, 15 June 2015 – Auro Technologies will be showcasing immersive sound solutions featuring its ground-breaking Auro-3D® format at CE Week 2015, with continuous 3D Sound demos, panel talks at the Next Audio Conference and Ozark Henry explaining how Auro-3D® revolutionized the way he creates music.
CE Week, June 22-26, is New York City’s largest consumer electronics (CE) and technology show. The event brings together top media, industry analysts and technology thought leaders for product debuts, a dynamic conference program and networking events all focused on innovative trends in the high tech world.

“Auro Technologies is excited to be part of NYC’s largest consumer technology and the CE Industry’s largest media event on the East Coast. It is a great opportunity to introduce or further explain our Immersive Sound format to media and other influencers,” said Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies. “With the inclusion of Auro-3D® into solutions for home theaters, gaming, car and mobile platforms, Auro allows consumers to experience the new generation of movie and music releases in 3D audio. The most Immersive Sound technology could not be missed at an event such as CE Week.”

Auro Technologies’ Sound Room will be a reference point for immersive 3D sound, with home cinema and mobile solutions in particular starring in an Auro-3D® showcase.
Auro Technologies’ multiple award winning AVR range; the Auro-3D® Mensa™, Auriga™, and Crux™, as well as mobile demos, featuring the new Auro®-Cx™ mobile format, will be presented to the audience.
Auro-3D® has transformed audio experiences in the cinema and the home by bringing as a first “Sound in 3D” (= Immersive Sound) as an end-to-end solution to all markets, after 150 years of sound evolution. Now, the revolutionary Auro-3D® audio format combined with binaural technology is bringing immersive sound to your mobile device in a way you have never experienced before via any pair of standard headphones thanks to the Auro-3D® Engine for Mobile.
Additionally, the Sound Room will feature an Auro-3D® demo booth equipped with an Auro 9.1 speaker layout, which will envelop the audience in rich, high definition sound running continuous Auro-3D® demos to CE Week Exhibits and Conferences, June 24-25. The Auro-3D® Sound Room is designed to offer visitors a fantastic demonstration of how truly immersive sound can take the music or movie experience on a giant leap forward.

To kick of Auro’s presence, Sven Mevissen, Product and Content Creation Director with Auro Technologies, will be speaking in the “Up to Your Ears in Excitement” panel on June 23, where Auro-3D® will take a lead role when the new immersive audio formats that are on the market today are being discussed. Auro Technologies is also proud to be a sponsor of this Next Audio Conference from 10:30AM – 12:30PM on June 23rd, addressing advancements in the consumer-audio experience.

With more and more content in Auro-3D® being released, Auro Technologies invited Belgian singer, songwriter, composer and producer Ozark Henry to CE Week to share his insights on how using Auro-3D® increased the emotional impact of his creations. In 2015 he embarked on his most ambitious project to date: Paramount, in which he decided to record an album with a 90-piece orchestra in Auro 9.1, wanting to re-create the live experience in a concert hall. With Auro-3D® he was able to provide the audience with the best seat of the house – the lead singer’s position, with the orchestra around him. The result is the most natural listening experience possible. The making of Paramount in Auro-3D® can already be viewed here.
Join us on this exclusive press gathering and experience Ozark Henry’s album Paramount in Auro-3D® on June 25 at 11AM in the Auro-3D® Sound Room.

Auro Technologies will be at booth 62 in the Exhibit Hall, towards the front of the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Come and visit us at CE Week 2015, to experience:

  • Our exclusive range of 3D audio AV receiver/processors: the Auro-3D® Mensa™, Auriga™ and Crux™
  • 3D on the move: Auro-3D® demo of our 3D sound format for mobile technologies
  • Ozark Henry’s Paramount: a listening session of Paramount in attendance of the artist to experience Belgium’s Nr 1 album as it was intended, in Auro 9.1 immersive sound.

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