Gamma by David Miles Huber

David Miles Huber - Gamma

David Miles Huber Releases New Album, GAMmA, in Immersive Sound with Auro-3D®


Grammy-Nominated Producer’s Latest Release in 3D Audio Gives Fans an Immersive Electronic Music Experience


Mol, Belgium (May 19, 2017) – Today, electronic dance and downtempo music composer David Miles Huber released a brand new album, GAMmA, natively mixed in the Auro-3D immersive sound format created by Auro Technologies. The album, produced and released through the Auro-3D® Creative Label, supplies hi-resolution, multi-channel mix versions including Stereo: The Berlin Remixes, Stereo: The Chill Mixes, 5.1 Surround Version: The Berlin Remixes and 9.1 Auro-3D®: The Original Mixes, which offers a true three-dimensional immersive listening experience.

GAMmA is the expression of light and color through the medium of music. The project is the four-time Grammy-nominated producer’s second release through the Auro-3D® Creative Label (Parallax Eden was the first in 2015). Guiding listeners through space and time, the album’s contents enrich and engage the listener’s senses by delivering an 9.1 Auro-3D® reproduced sound experience that resembles reality.


“Being a music engineer and professional musician myself, I’m impressed by how powerfully David Miles Huber has represented the concept of radiance using electronic music in his new album,” says Wilfried Van Baelen, inventor of the Auro-3D format and CEO of Auro Technologies. “I’m especially happy his fans will have the opportunity to experience this great work in 3D audio; it’ll undoubtedly enhance listeners’ emotional experience as they receive a realistic representation of sound from all around. David’s storied career spans years of music production, and we’re thrilled to have been part of this experimental project.”


Available in a selection of “dance” and “chill” mixes, GAMmA’s foundation track can be experienced in whichever version the listener prefers at any time. The Blu-Ray was created at both his personal studio and London Bridge studio in Seattle, as well as nhow Hotel in Berlin and Galaxy Studios in Belgium.


“I’ve been in the music production industry for years and value any innovations that really augment the sound experience and better immerse listeners into my creations,” says DMH. “Auro Technologies has made my project extensively more realistic in its sound. 3D audio is the future of sound delivery, and Auro is truly laying the groundwork for this aspect of the music production industry.”


Founded in 2010, Auro Technologies provides 3D audio solutions to a variety of other cross-market verticals such as Digital Cinema, Home Cinema, Mobile, Gaming and Automotive markets. To learn more about Auro Technologies, please visit


The Pure Audio Blu-Ray release of David Miles Huber’s GAMmA is now available for purchase on Amazon.


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