Tokyo, Japan – November 15, 2017 – ResoNetz Airfolc Inc., a Japanese specialist for media network solutions, today announced that it will incorporate industry-leading Auro-3D® audio standards into its hardware products through a new partnership with Auro Technologies, the Belgium-based leading immersive audio technology company.

Auro-3D allows producers to create the most natural Immersive Sound experience on today’s market, offering listeners the sensation of being completely immersed in an auditory environment. As a result of today’s collaboration, Auro-Cx coding & streaming technologies are now native to RSX-1010, ResoNetz Airfolc Inc.’s first pro-audio solution for Hikari Denwa, a Japanese IP-based communication network. RSX-1010 transmits packets of audio data to a receiver unit, which unpacks the packets and creates the original audio channels. These audio channels can be encoded or decoded in real time over a wide area network (WAN) or a local area network (LAN) – enabling international live transmission of Auro-3D native content in high resolution audio over IP with incomparable stability.


“At Auro Technologies, we are delighted to team up with an innovative company, like ResoNetz Airfolc Inc.,” said Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies. “The partnership will allow us to create new and groundbreaking applications for the Auro-3D technology, especially in the field of high-end audio transmission and pro audio encoding/decoding hardware solutions. This will expand our reach and bring Auro-3D’s industry-leading sound to new markets, not only professional but also to consumers.”


“We are very excited about the collaboration with Auro Technologies and the integration of the advanced Auro-3D standards in our pro-audio and broadcast solutions,” said Masahiko Tange, CEO of ResoNetz Airfolc Inc. “Auro-3D provides not only the best Immersive Sound the industry has to offer, but also high-quality audio bandwidth-saving capabilities. With our combined key competencies, we will be able to achieve a new level of applications for creating, transmitting and using high-quality multi-channel audio.”


The Auro-3D concept was created as an end-to-end solution for all audio markets to bring the most natural sound in the most efficient way to each consumer… wherever, whenever …and as intended by the creators. The inventor called this totally new sound experience “Immersive Sound” which became the new generic term for “Sound in 3D”.   Auro-3D achieves this through the re-production of acoustic reflections, generated and heard similarly to how they are produced in real-life—capturing the sense of sound originating from both above and around the listener.


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About Auro Technologies

Auro Technologies is a spin-off of the privately-owned Galaxy Studios Group, renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art leadership in audio innovation for music and sound for film. After 150 years of evolution in sound recording and reproduction, Wilfried Van Baelen (CEO Auro Technologies and Galaxy Studios) revolutionized sound by bringing “Immersive Sound” (Sound in 3D) as an end-to-end solution for all markets with his Auro-3D® format. The addition of the missing and final dimension in sound (“Height”) combined with Auro-3D’s groundbreaking technologies provides a natural immersive sound experience unlike anything you’ve heard before, creating a new emotional level of entertainment in music, movies, games, events etc. The Auro-3D® Technology Suite offers easy-to-use and unprecedented levels of sound reproduction capabilities to the broadcast, digital cinema, home cinema, mobile, gaming, and automotive markets.


About ResoNetz Airfolc Inc.

AIRFOLC Inc. was established 2001 in Kyoto, Japan. From the early beginnings the company provided specialized hardware and software services for a wide range of Japan’s global players in the music and computer business.


With the creation of ResoNetz Airfolc Inc. in 2014, the advanced Media-over-IP protocol “RESONETZ LINK” and related hardware products, the company provides key solutions for the exponential growing market of media network transmission.


The company holds several international patents for the reliable real time exchange of media data in local and wide range networks. A pool of additional technologies, like MADI.IP, high-end Sample Rate Conversion and a sophisticated FPGA/DSP portfolio, allow the creation of innovative, market-leading products for the media and broadcast industries.