Auro Technologies and Turbine Announce Multi-Picture Deal

Mol, Belgium & Munster, Germany – September 4, 2019 – Auro Technologies have this week announced a multi-picture deal together with Turbine, a German-based home video distributor.  The deal furthers Auro Technologies commitment to delivering more content to the market, supporting local language content and further developing the market presence of Auro-3D®️ in Home Entertainment.

The new deal will see 10 catalogue movies re-released on Blu-ray and/or UHD with Auro-3D mixes, for the German-speaking markets. Iwan De Kuijper Content Director at Auro Technologies said, “The native German-speaking market has always been key to Auro Technologies.  From day one we’ve seen a strong Auro-3D following in the region, so for us, the deal with Turbine only supports that which has been growing naturally over time.  We are excited to work with the talented people at Turbine to add to our footprint of German Dubbed Auro-3D Blu-ray movies and associate our sound quality excellence with Turbine, a brand that understands the value of their products like we do in sound.”

Turbine has spent the past 15 years successfully producing fans’ products by fans, specialising in re-issues and special collectors’ editions. This partnership is a natural combination of two companies’ passion for providing exceptional products and experiences to both cinephiles and audiophiles. Viewers will be able to look forward to a selection of both timeless classics and hidden gems complete with full Auro-3D experience, providing something for everyone.

Christian Bartsch, Technical Director at Turbine, comments: “50% of movie magic is sound. This is why our remastering and restoration efforts not only aim at creating a perfect picture, but a coherent presentation – including top-notch audio. Auro-3D gives us perfect sound and a new dimension to work with.”

The Auro 11.1 mixing will take place at the renowned Galaxy Studios in Mol, Belgium; the home of Auro Technologies and a creative hub with world-class facilities for motion picture post-production and sound recording. To produce the Auro-3D mix, Auro Technologies uses creative remixing and upmixing techniques, such as the Auro-Matic Pro upmixer and other tools in the Auro-3D Creative Tool Suite. This provides a breathtakingly realistic and dynamic sound that immerses the viewer into the atmosphere of the content’s origination where they can truly feel the emotion and power of every scene.

About Auro Technologies 

Auro Technologies is a spin-off of the privately-owned Galaxy Studios Group, renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art leadership in audio innovation for music and sound for film. After 150 years of evolution in sound recording and reproduction, Wilfried Van Baelen (Chairman, Auro Technologies and CEO, Galaxy Studios) revolutionized sound by bringing “Immersive Sound” (Sound in 3D) as an end-to-end solution for all markets with his Auro-3D® format. The addition of the missing and final dimension in sound (“Height”) combined with Auro-3D’s ground-breaking technologies provides a natural immersive sound experience unlike anything you’ve heard before, creating a totally new emotional level of entertainment in music, movies, games, events etc. The Auro-3D® Technology Suite offers easy-to-use and unprecedented levels of sound reproduction capabilities to the broadcast, digital cinema, home cinema, mobile, gaming, and automotive markets. To learn more about Auro, please visit

About Turbine Media Group

Turbine was founded in 2004 by acclaimed film producer Christian Becker (“Bang Boom Bang”, “Fack ju Göhte”, “The Wave”, “Colonia Dignidad”, “Jim Button & Luke the Engine Driver) and DVD manager Phil Friederichs (“The Fifth Element”, “Memento”, “Metropolis”) with the intention of producing high quality home video products of German films. 2009 marked Turbine’s first international acquisition of iconic cult classic “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, which Turbine had to unconfiscate, unban and submit for a re-rating (a legal first after more than 35 years), resulting in the full rehabilitation of a film that had been illegal in the territory for decades. Today Turbine is known for outstanding home video releases, including lavishly fitted collectible editions of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and the fully uncut version of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” (both in cooperation with Universal), “Hellraiser Trilogy”, “Johnny Mnemonic” and many more.