World’s First Discrete 3D Audio Live Performance Using AURO-3D

Mol, Belgium – October 27 2020 – On Wednesday 28th October 2020, AURO Technologies and WOWOW, the leading Japanese broadcaster, will conduct a live video distribution experiment straight from Hakuju Hall, Tokyo. The concert being streamed will be that of piano and drum duo Mayo Nakano and Takanobu Baba.  This will be the world’s first discrete 3D audio live performance using the AURO-3D high-quality immersive audio coding technology AURO-Codec.

Having seen the amazing evolution of picture quality for streaming in recent years it is increasingly apparent that the sound quality provided is not matching up to the visual quality delivered to consumers.  AURO provides the solution to this issue by bringing the best quality in the most efficient way possible with AURO 9.1 creating a totally new immersive experience as “you are there”! The emotional impact is not comparable with anything you know so far.

AURO Technologies will be taking part in this experiment as the partner who provides the key technology to allow WOWOW as a broadcaster to distribute high-quality live immersive content using the NTT smart connect platform throughout the whole of Japan.  As key technology provider AURO has the privilege to also experience this Tokyo live event in realtime at AURO Head Quarters in Mol, Belgium and will be able to demonstrate its capabilities using this platform. The demonstration at AURO Head Quarters will deliver this live performance through multiple play-back scenarios: on AV-Receivers using an AURO 9.1 speaker set up, in a digital Cinema complex via the AuroTorium and even on a Soundbar showcasing the newest Auro-Scene virtual speaker technology for Soundbars.

As such, AURO will demonstrate two new innovations simultaneously; high-resolution AURO-3D streaming over IP (OTT) and immersive audio on a soundbar.

With more than 1 million homes already with AURO-3D enabled devices in the field by more than 60 different AV Receiver models in the market, those consumers at home will soon be able to experience streaming with AURO-3D enjoying the same high audio and video quality they are used to from a Blu-ray.

Through the drive for innovation and an uncompromising approach to quality, AURO revolutionized the audio industry by coming as the first-ever with an end-to-end solution to bring 3D Audio (Immersive Audio) to all audio markets. This concert is again a major milestone in AURO’s mission of bringing a breathtaking Immersive Audio experience to everyone, everywhere.