AURO-3D Goes Freemium with New and Improved Creative Tool Suite 3.0


All New Creative Tools Suite

All New Creative Tools Suite Available Now

Mol, Belgium – January 8th, 2021 – AURO Technologies today announced the release of the AURO-3D Creative Tools Suite 3.0.  The latest version of the Creative Tools Suite not only provides a whole host of new features, it is now simpler than ever to access all the main features of the Creative Tools Suite and start working in AURO-3D. Through the new AURO-3D web-shop and new licensing plan the main features of the tools suite, enabling the creation of immersive content are now available for free.

The AURO-3D Creative Tools Suite provides audio professionals with a complete set of plug-ins for the creation and authoring of immersive and interactive content in the AURO-3D formats in parallel to legacy format mixes.  Each plug-in in the suite provides a distinct functionality, designed to optimally integrate into any existing content-creation workflow for movies, music and broadcast applications.  The Creative Tools Suite 3.0 delivers a variety of new features all designed with the audio professional in mind with a focus on intuitive and efficient solutions to a variety of content creation requirements.

“With this new update of our Creative Tools Suite, we have added very powerful functions that will bring the creation of Next Generation Audio within reach of many engineers that previously were not able to mix immersive or interactive content.  Making the most of this functionality available for free will now bring our Tools Suite also in reach of many students and aspiring musicians who can now experiment with the amazing possibilities of immersive sound in AURO-3D. We are very excited to see and hear what audio engineers, musicians and producers will create with the newest version of the AURO-3D Tools Suite and hope we can help them in releasing new and great AURO-3D content in the near future. In the meantime, we keep the focus on further improving the workflow, with many exciting announcements to come in the near future.”

New features include the all new and patent pending AURO rendering algorithms with room-centric panning, ensuring all mixes are translated as the creator intended from playback in the studio, to cinema, home systems and mobile devices. Support for channel and object-based audio with dynamic objects for Immersive mixes is now offered, with dialog enhancement through interactive gains as well as support for multiple languages, auxiliary tracks, commentary tracks and much more in a single audio stream.

To provide users improved efficiency and simplified workflows the new monitoring function makes it possible to switch between different versions of the mix on the same monitoring setup, a feature totally unique to the Creative Tools Suite.  Correct mix profile selection ensures compatibility with the supported features and limitations of the target deliverable. Support for loudness measurement is also offered ensuring users derived down-mixes and interactive programmes comply with EBU R128 guidelines.

New output options are delivered with the Auro-Return plugin, new exports enabled as well as new quality control features with import and playback of SMPTE IAB and ADM files, all this plus the availability of the highly acclaimed Auro-Matic Pro plug-ins as part of the suite delivers audio professionals the ultimate in functionality and convenience for the creation of Immersive and interactive content.

The new licensing model has been thoughtfully developed to deliver users the ultimate in simplicity and convenience, offering a variety of options to suit all. It is possible to export a mix with any of four individual licenses available and for those industry specific requirements, four content creation bundles are delivered in the form of CTS for Music, Cinema, Movies and Broadcast.  Existing users are offered an exclusive upgrade package instantly available on the new AURO-3D web-shop. This also means that all new updates going forward will now be available automatically to ensure users always have the latest and greatest tools at the click of a button.

AURO-3D Creative Tools Suite 3.0 is available now at

Existing users are eligible for very appealing upgrade options and a special 10th Anniversary discount offer of 25% is available on AURO-3D CTS for Music bundle.