AURO-3D Export AU-plugin for Logic Pro X

Auro Technologies releases all-new AURO-3D Export AU-plugin for Logic Pro 10.7

Starting the Immersive Sound revolution

Already in 2010, AURO-3D was introduced as the first commercially available immersive sound format. With its roots in the Galaxy Studios, Belgium, a world-class recording and mixing studio, AURO-3D has become the preferred choice of many musicians and producers, with more than 2000 music titles available on Blu-ray and downloads available today. From the beginning, Auro Technologies already supports audio professionals in the music and movie industry in the creation and authoring of content in the AURO-3D format with the Auro-3D Creative Tools Suite (CTS), an extensive set of AAX plug-ins for Pro Tools on macOS. However, in recent years the creation of immersive sound content, including in the AURO-3D formats, also sees a growing support in various other DAWs and platforms. The recent introduction of immersive sound (or Spatial Audio) support in Apple’s Logic Pro 10.7 now also enables the creation of music and other content in the Auro 9.1 (5.1.4) and Auro 11.1 (7.1.4) formats natively.

Growing support

With the addition of the all-new AURO-3D Export AU-plugin to the Auro-3D Creative Tools Suite, Logic Pro 10 users are now able to monitor their AURO-3D mix using the acclaimed Auro -Headphones™ binaural rendering for free, and release and QC their content in premium quality using the built-in Auro-Codec Encoder/Decoder. The Auro -Headphones™ binaural rendering technology is often chosen as the preferred format in comparison tests, such as during the recent test performed at Nagoya University in Tokyo, JP. Unique to the AURO-3D format and Auro-Codec is the ability to also provide high-resolution immersive sound, in near-lossless quality at sample rates up to 96 kHz. This sets the format and codec apart from other immersive sound formats, which are more limited in this regard. This plugin for Logic Pro is a first step in the introduction of a new content creation eco-system that Auro Technologies is working on. It opens up the creation and release of immersive content in the AURO-3D format to a larger group of creatives and audio professionals with great ideas. In the near future, more features, tools and support for more platforms, such as VST and Windows, will be added to leverage the growing support for immersive sound in applications such as Logic Pro, but also Reaper, Nuendo, Pyramix, Da Vinci Resolve and others, while also further developing the capabilities of the plug-in suite for Pro Tools, which is now in its 3rd generation.


More information on the Auro-3D Creative Tools Suite and the AURO-3D Export plugin can be found on

After registration, the plugin suite can be downloaded for free. The binaural rendering is activated by default, while the use of the Auro-Codec encoder and decoder requires a license which is available as a low-cost subscription. Various other license bundles are available as well as the licenses are also shared with the Auro-3D Creative Tools Suite AAX plugins for Pro Tools. This also means that existing users of CTS can immediately start getting creative in Logic Pro at no additional cost.