HARMONIC JUNCTION Interview with Wilfried Van Baelen and Auro Technologies (part 1)

(…) Most people forget that true 3D sound has to be divided in the room as a natural spread of energy, meaning it is not enough to have great precision in the horizontal field and not in the vertical axis. The vertical axis is very new for almost every engineer, and most of them make the mistake believing that it is just another couple of added elevated speakers. It does so much more; it creates extra harmonics, more natural colors, more depth, extra transparency etc….but as well new challenges. Moving sounds vertically works completely different than we are used to doing horizontally. This is because there is almost no time difference between our left and right ears, for which we are extremely sensitive to (about 4 to 5 millionth of a second). So that’s why you need more layers in the vertical axis. (…)

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Source: Harmonic Junction
Date: 02/06/2014