Embedded DSP Software Engineer

You will be responsible for the development, portation and integration of those parts of the NGA codec that run on embedded devices. You take CPU, memory, programming language and target framework/platform constraints into account to ensure robust and real-time processing is achieved.

Your target is to properly setup various audio processing devices, write and rework software to run on those devices, provide your colleagues with expertise on efficient processing and assist Customer Integration Teams with integrating our functionality into their products.

1. Result Areas

  1. Communication
    1. Discuss API and processing strategies with Audio DSP Software Engineer to converge to an embedded-ready manner of data processing
    2. Explain to DevOPS how various embedded toolchains should be integrated into the build system
  2. Software
    1. Rework and optimize existing implementation to make them run efficiently on a given embedded platform
    2. Favour writing generic code with sufficient indications for the compiler to produce efficient binaries over platform-specific code
    3. Keep the number of parallel implementations to the absolute minimum
    4. Keep track of performance in a structured and objective manner to make informed decisions
    5. Contribute and work in the same source code base as other embedded and non-embedded developers
  3.  Hardware
    1. Configure and manage various hardware setups used during development and testing
    2. Assist in creating demo and tuning setups
  4.  Quality
    1. Take quality of your work to the extreme to limit software bugs in the field
    2. Take the consequences of your decisions for the end-user into account
    3. Reduce the consequences of your development and optimization work on other developers to the minimum

2. Experience & expertise

  1. Degree in exact or applied sciences, or equivalent by experience
  2. Deep knowledge of CPU’s, pipelines and memory handling
  3. Extensive experience with profiling, debugging and embedded systems
  4. At least 5 years of experience with embedded systems, its setup and cross-compilation
  5. Superb knowledge of C for embedded systems (SIMD, memory, optimizations), good knowledge of C++ and some experience with reading assembly code
  6. Familiarity with electronics (electrostatic protection, audio signals, grounding and shielding, …)
  7. Software version control with GIT
  8. Experience with audio tools like Audacity, Reaper or Max/MSP is welcomed
  9. Experience with Ruby for automatization is a plus
  10. Fluent in English; good knowledge of Dutch, French and/or German

3. Skills

Problem solving, efficient planning & organization, strong written and verbal communication, quality minded, team-oriented cooperation, improvement focus.


You will be part of a team working on the development and deployment of new technologies for OTT (streaming) and Broadcast applications aim to bring the AURO-3D immersive sound and interactive experiences to the user on a myriad of devices such as AVRs, soundbars, TVs, smart speakers, connected cars, mobile devices, etc.

We offer you a position as a consultant (minimum duration 12 months) or a fixed permanent contract within the fascinating world of audio high tech and engineering.

The work location is situated in Mol, Belgium.

We provide a total package with on one hand training, coaching and a close follow up and on the other hand a balanced salary package based on your capabilities and experience. …

Interested? You can send your résumé and covering letter to