Front-End Developer

As a Front-End Developer, you will translate the user interface concepts and designs of the UX/UI Designer into real-world implementations for several applications on various platforms, ranging from audio plug-ins, standalone audio production tools and web applications, to interactive menus for media player applications in set-top boxes, mobile devices, smart TVs, etc…

1. Result areas

  1. Design and breakdown
    1. Implement User Interfaces of audio plug-ins, audio production software tools and web applications as defined by UX/UI Designer
    2. Implement User Interface overlays in media players for set-top boxes, mobile devices, smart TVs etc
    3. Document your design to communicate it with the Systems Architect, Software Development team and Project Management
    4. Break down a design in manageable and estimable steps (Epics/Stories) to ensure a predictable implementation
    5. Promote a think-first attitude to reduce unnecessary refactoring
    6. Take a pragmatic approach that does not compromise future improvements
  2. Software implementation
    1. Develop generic UI Components with low dependencies for reuse and testability
    2. Promote central look-and-feel handling over hard-coded implementations
    3. Use threaded approach for UI and other processing to minimize impact on user experience
    4. Ensure support for multilingual user interface and localization
    5. Adhere to existing standards, guidelines and architectural patterns to improve the separation of concerns in presentation logic (e.g. MVP, MVC)
  3. Communication
    1. Discuss in a productive manner with System Architect to clarify requirements
    2. Explain the impact of technical decisions to System Architect and Project Manager in a clear manner
  4. Continuous improvement
    1. Flag software development improvement areas in a constructive manner
    2. Participate/lead discussions to improve UI implementation and automated testing

2. Expertise

  1. Degree in computer sciences or informatics
  2. At least 5 years of experience with modern C++ and good knowledge of Objective-C, Java and Javascript
  3. Understanding of DAWs such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro X, Reaper, Da Vinci Resolve
  4. Experience with JUCE, QT, VST, AAX, AU
  5. Experience with macOS (XCode), Windows (MSVC) and Linux
  6. Experience with multilingual localization support (UTF-8)
  7. Familiar with development of mobile apps, web-apps
  8. Familiar with automated UI Testing (e.g. Selenium)
  9. Software version control with GIT
  10. Experience with Ruby for automatization is a plus
  11. Fluent in English; good knowledge of Dutch, French and/or German
  12. Passion for sound and music

3. Skills

Creative and innovative, problem solver, concise communicator, strong attention for a detailed, objective and sound approach at all levels, quality-minded, strong cooperation and teamplayer


You will be part of a team working on the development and deployment of new technologies for OTT (streaming) and Broadcast applications aim to bring the AURO-3D immersive sound and interactive experiences to the user on a myriad of devices such as AVRs, soundbars, TVs, smart speakers, connected cars, mobile devices, etc.

We offer you a position as a consultant (minimum duration 12 months) or a fixed permanent contract within the fascinating world of audio high tech and engineering.

The work location is situated in Mol, Belgium.

We provide a total package with on one hand training, coaching and a close follow up and on the other hand a balanced salary package based on your capabilities and experience. …

Interested? You can send your résumé and covering letter to