Testing and Validation Engineer

In the role of Testing and Validation Engineer you will be responsible for the definition, implementation, execution and maintenance of automated test routines for Continuous Integration (CI) and Quality Control (QC) setups.

You will develop dedicated automated audio testing tools and provide continuous feedback to the development teams of the status and achieved (audio) quality.

You will also create an elaborate audio system setups for listening and certification tests of products in various stages of their development.

1. Result Areas

  1. Design, implement and maintain test routines for Continuous Integration and Quality Control
  2. Define, document and maintain various dedicated automated test tools for audio algorithms
  3. Work with Audio Research team to understand and test the audio algorithms in development
  4. Work with Project Manager and Technical Team Lead to define and plan implementation scenarios

2. Experience & expertise

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Digital Electronics, Acoustics or related areas
  2. Expertise in development and deployment of audio test scenarios
  3. Extensive knowledge of testing methodologies and automation methods
  4. Computer languages: C / C++ / Matlab / Python
  5. Experience with GIT / Ruby
  6. Knowledge of audio processing
    1. Metrics, measurement tools
    2. Audio Precision
    3. Basics of audio electronics
    4. Notion of embedded/DSP processing
  7. Familiar with MAX/MSP, Audacity, Reaper, etc…
  8. Fluent in English; good knowledge of Dutch, French and/or German

3. Skills

Problem solving, efficient planning & organization, strong written and verbal communication, quality minded, team-oriented cooperation, improvement focus.


You will be part of a team working on the development and deployment of new technologies for OTT (streaming) and Broadcast applications aim to bring the AURO-3D immersive sound and interactive experiences to the user on a myriad of devices such as AVRs, soundbars, TVs, smart speakers, connected cars, mobile devices, etc.

We offer you a position as a consultant (minimum duration 12 months) or a fixed permanent contract within the fascinating world of audio high tech and engineering.

The work location is situated in Mol, Belgium.

We provide a total package with on one hand training, coaching and a close follow up and on the other hand a balanced salary package based on your capabilities and experience. …

Interested? You can send your résumé and covering letter to