Continental and Auro Technologies bring the new true 3D Immersive Sound-Experience into the Car

  • From enhanced Stereo to immersive three-dimensional sound: Continental and Auro Technologies partner to create a total new sound experience for vehicles
  • Continental integrates Auro Technologies’ software for automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide

Deer Park (IL/ USA)/Wetzlar, Germany/ Mol, Belgium, July 29th 2014. Drawing on over 60 years of experience in car radios and a vast multimedia know-how of Continental and Auro Technologies’ revolutionary Auro-3D sound technology, Auro Technologies and Continental have announced today to jointly bring true 3D sound to in-car infotainment systems.

First integrated into digital cinemas as Auro 11.1. by Barco, the Auro-3D format is the next generation in audio, adding a Height Layer around the audience, the final and missing dimension to traditional 5.1 Surround Sound, to fully immerse the listener in a cocoon of life-like sound, transforming the vehicle into a jazz club or concert hall. Combining Continental’s expertise in Automotive Infotainment with Auro Technologies’ Auro-3D format will enable vehicle manufacturers worldwide to offer a revolutionary sound experience for their customers. In addition the Auro-3D format is fully scalable, so Continental is able to configure it exactly to the customers’ needs – sources can range from Mono to native 3D audio, and speaker layouts can range from simple setups up to Auro 22.1 speaker arrays. (more…)