PRESS RELEASE: Auro Technologies to premiere Auro-3D® sound in an unrivaled package for the Home Entertainment, Car and Mobile Platforms

LAS VEGAS, 7 January 2014 – After the successful introduction of its technology in the digital cinema market, Auro Technologies announces the introduction of the immersive Auro-3D® audio experience into the consumer electronics market.

It has always been a quest of mankind to reproduce natural sound. Now, where attempts to date fell short, Auro Technologies’ groundbreaking Auro-3D® technology enables a giant leap in this evolution by adding the third and final dimension: “Height,” in Front and Around the listener, based on the existing 5.1 or 7.1 Surround sound configurations. It is this vertical stereo field of 30 degrees above the ear-level sounding layer that is key to achieve the most natural and immersive impact, much more so than the speakers directly above the listener. This makes Auro-3D® unique and allows the accurate playback of native audio in 3D over a wide range of speaker configurations and over any standard pair of headphones in order to provide the consumer with the most immersive audio experience.