An Immersive Sound Connection

With the Artist Connection Streaming Platform, Distributing Your AURO-3D® Content to a Wide Audience is Now Easier than Ever.

AURO-CX Decoding

The Artist Connection app for iOS and Android has full support for decoding of AURO-3D content encoded with the Auro-Cx NGA codec, with or without video. High-resolution immersive content at sample rates up to 192 kHz or a high-quality low-bitrate version of the same content is now as simple as a click on your smartphone, providing immediate reach to the widest audience.

AURO-CODEC Compatibility

The app also has full support for decoding of AURO-3D content encoded with the Auro-Codec in a FLAC lossless compressed stream, with or without video. With support for sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz this is the smartest way to provide high-quality immersive sound reproduction with backwards compatibility with existing AURO-3D capable devices.

Playback on Mobile Devices…

The embedded Auro-Headphones binaural rendering provides the most natural immersive sound on any pair of headphones and the Auro-Scene processing even provides a virtual immersive sound field on a smartphone’s or tablet’s internal stereo speakers.

…and Home Audio Systems

The Android TV version of Artist Connection allows your audience to experience the full AURO-3D quality on AV-receivers, soundbars and other devices in all its glory. Currently, the Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro media players are fully certified. Connect the HDMI output of the device to your home audio device and the same streams will provide the same experience as what you heard in the studio.

Thanks to the ACConnect feature, some of the home audio devices can even stream the content directly, controlled by your mobile device, without the need for any additional hardware. Check the Artist Connection website for more info.

Prepare your Content for Artist Connection

To prepare your content for publication on the Artist Connection platform, the following guidelines should be taken into account.

Audio Only (music) with AURO-CODEC

Encode your music or other audio-only AURO-3D content using the Auro-Codec. This can be done using one of the various tools with a built-in Auro-Codec Encoder (AURO-3D Creative Tools Suite, AURO-3D Export plugin, AURO-3D Encoder Service).
The resulting 6 or 8 channel WAV-file should then be further compressed using the FLAC lossless codec. Various encoders are available to do so. It is important to make sure the channel order conforms to the specifications, as described in this White Paper. It is highly recommended to use the built-in support for FLAC encoding in the AURO-3D Encoder Service to avoid any compatibility issues.
The resulting FLAC file can then be uploaded to the Artist Connection platform via the portal. This will automatically detect that the file is AURO-3D compatible and indicate this in the application.
If you wish to add additional metadata, such as information on Artist Name, Song Title, Album Title, etc… and embed album artwork, we recommend using a tool like KiD3 to add this information to the FLAC file.


If your content also has video, it is possible to embed the FLAC file, created as described in the Audio only section, into an .mp4 file using tools such as FFMPEG or FFWORKS.