Auro-3D® Encoder Service v1.0.0. Released.

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Encode AURO-3D Immersive Audio FAST with the AURO-3D® Encoder Service application!

Advanced encode capabilities allowing you to enjoy all new features, for unlimited content creation and distribution of your beloved AURO-3D Mix. With our standalone cross-platform encoder application, you can now encode your AURO-3D audio mixes with the legendary Auro-Codec technology faster than ever before. “THIS IS THE WAY”

          •     Advanced Auro-Codec encoding for high-quality 3D audio.

           •     User-friendly operation for quick and seamless usage.

      •     Standalone software – self-contained and independent.

         •          Runs on a local or remote machine, controlled with web browser’s UI.

      •     Supports multi-threading technology for concurrent processing.

      •     Supports WAV and ADM file formats for versatile input options.

      •     Provides WAV & FLAC file formats for high-quality output options.

      •     Allows seamless conversion of files between different formats.

      •     Functional across different operating systems and devices.

Download the AURO-3D® Encoder Service today so you can spend less time tweaking and more time listening.

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