Auro-3D® Encoder Service v1.1.0. Released.

The new version of the AURO-3D® Encoder Service has arrived, bringing a symphony of exciting enhancements to your audio processing adventures.

Prepare to be blown away by our smarter support for Multi Channel WAV Files. Gone are the days of worrying about the format detection – our software now effortlessly detects the format of your multi-channel WAV files. Whether you prefer the ITU or the SMPTE channel order, or even if you want to define your own custom channel order, we’ve got you covered.  It’s like having a conductor at your fingertips, orchestrating the perfect audio arrangement. And there is more!

•   Automatic detection of the format of multi-channel WAV input files (ITU only)

•   New parameter “Channel Order” in the Source Menu:

•   Standalone software – self-contained and independent.

•     Complete reorganization of channel order.

•   New parameter “Channel Order” in the Configuration Menu.

•   Custom destination folder.

•   Refresh Button in the Queue List.

•   Information buttons “i” for embedded help.

•   “Local Mode” and “Remote Mode” labels.

•   Direct link to the online manual.

•   Updated online manual.

Download the new version 1.1.0 of the AURO-3D® Encoder Service and get ready to immerse yourself in a whole new world of audio possibilities!

AURO-3D Demo Discs now available order yours here