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Clarification on Auro-Matic® v2.0

During a recent interview with Grobi TV, we inadvertently cause confusion about the timing of future enhancements to our popular Auro-Matic® upmixer.

Along with our valued partner Denon and Marantz, we are always striving to provide the best in class audio experience. We are constantly innovating and constantly looking for ways to deliver the highest quality audio experience possible.

And while we have received outstanding feedback about Auro-Matic®, like all innovative companies we are looking for ways to enhance our offering. We will be working closely with Denon and Marantz on the timing and delivery aspects of any new enhancements, and will make an announcement to the market when we have further details.

We apologize for any confusion arising from the recent interview and we will strive to keep everyone updated via our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Our gratitude goes out towards all of you

With the Auro-3D® format being picked up all over the world, we felt it was time to thank our supporters out there and show them how we appreciate their continuous support.

We are so proud to get so many positive reactions about our 3D Immersive Sound technology and what we do that we wanted to share a number of these with the rest of you out there.


Our gratitude goes out towards all of you and we promise to strive in delivering you the Auro-3D® Experience Everywhere!

The Heritage Post: Three-dimensional Music

We were glad to see the article about Auro-3D® appear in no. 14 – July 2015 of The Heritage Post (

With so many consumers already convinced about the immersive sound capabilities of the Auro-3D® format, we are proud to see this in written form as well.

Check out the article! We have also incorporated an English translation of the German article.

Auro 11.1 film American Sniper wins Oscar for best sound editing

american-sniper-posterWe’re incredibly proud that American Sniper, mixed in Auro 11.1, has walked away from the Academy Awards last night with the Oscar for best sound editing. The sound editing for the movie was by Academy Award winners Alan Robert Murray and Bub Asman – whilst sound mixers John T Reitz, Gregg Rudloff, and Walt Martin were also nominated for their work in the sound mixing category. Congratulations to both winners and nominees! (more…)

CES 2015: What they are saying about Auro-3D®

Instead of telling you how great Auro-3D® is, we thought we would let others do it for a change! So here are a few highlights of the reactions to Auro-3D® at the International CES 2015 in Las Vegas earlier this month.

CES 2015 logo (more…)

Denon and Marantz to support Auro-3D: Upgrade available in December

There has been a lot of excitement about the release of our high-end processors / receivers, and the feedback from clients who have experienced the power of Auro-3D® has been incredibly positive. Lately, I’ve also had a lot of people asking me when Auro-3D® will be available in established receiver brands for home cinema consumers as well. Well, today, I’m pleased to confirm that Auro-3D® will be available as an upgrade for selected Denon and Marantz receivers, bringing immersive sound within the reach of many more people! Denon have announced that their AVR-X5200W and AVR-X4100W AV receivers will feature Auro-3D. Marantz have also confirmed that their SR7009 and AV7702 receiver and pre-amp / processor will be upgradeable to Auro-3D.

The Marantz AV7702 AV receiver (courtesy of D&M)

The Marantz AV7702 AV receiver (courtesy of D&M)


INTERVIEW: Morten Lindberg on Auro-3D®:  “Recorded music is no longer a flat canvas, but a sculpture you can literally move around”

Morten head

Owner of the renowned record label 2L, Associate Professor at the Westerdals Oslo ACT (former Nordic Institute of Stage And Studio) and producer of 17 GRAMMY-nominated albums, Morten Lindberg shares his experiences on recording in Auro-3D®. “The expansion to 3D has been our playground.” says the Norwegian recording producer and engineer.

How did you get to know Auro-3D®?
I have recorded music in 5.1 Surround sound since 2004. Then I met with Wilfried Van Baelen at the Nordic Sound Symposium three years ago. He challenged me to explore the height dimension. Two weeks later we set out for a remote medieval church with TrondheimSolistene (a group of classical musicians from Norway) and recorded our first album in the Auro 9.1 configuration. I believe this was the first ever commercial album produced in Auro 9.1 which was released on Pure Audio Blu-Ray. (more…)

The Auro-3D Mensa and Crux. Launched at CEDIA. Loved at CEDIA.


I just recently got back from the amazing CEDIA 2014 show, where we launched the Auro-3D Mensa and Crux, our two new 3D sound processors. The reception for Auro-3D at the show was just incredible, and I want to thank all of those who visited our booth to talk to us and Datasat, our partners in creating the Mensa and Crux.

We may have been out-spent by certain competitors at the show, but that didn’t seem to matter for the many who experienced our immersive demos and loved them. We were delighted by the reaction from the press and the industry – some of the quotes and accolades are above. What really seemed to impress visitors was the natural sound generated by the Auro-3D demo. As one journalist said, Auro-3D is ‘as close to being there as I could possibly imagine.’ Or simply ‘startlingly realistic’ in the words of another.

Congratulations as well to Hometronics and CAT, whose Auro-3D equipped home cinema was the Best Overall Home Theater Winner in the CEDIA 2014 Electronic Lifestyles Awards.

If you missed seeing us at CEDIA, stay tuned for news of other demos of our Auro-3D AV range, with the Mensa and Crux joining the Auro-3D Auriga, our first immersive AV receiver.

best regards

Breaking through the immersive sound barrier: Auro-3D® Mensa™ to feature both Auro-3D® and Dolby Atmos™

Mensa Atmos banner600x173

Here at Auro we’ve always been determined to make the wonder of immersive sound available to everyone. That’s why I’m delighted to announce that our new flagship AV processor, the Auro-3D Mensa, delivered in partnership with Datasat, will feature both Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos 3D sound formats. Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos are the two standards for immersive audio in the professional cinema, and now in the home as well.


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