NEWAURO and WOWOW announce binaural streaming for broadcast using headphones.

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NewAuro B.V and WOWOW Inc. announce their collaboration in supporting AURO-3D® Technology for satellite/TV broadcasting by launching their first Japanese show in immersive audio for headphones. This celebrates a world’s first commercial use in broadcast of the AURO-3D® headphone technology called Auro-Headphones® promising an immersive experience in storytelling and the audible presence of being inside a theater.

 Gooik, (BE) (September 16th, 2023) AURO-3D®, the world leading immersive audio format, announced today the official launch of their collaboration with WOWOW Inc. Effective immediately viewers will be able to choose between regular stereo playback or the additional audio stream provided by WOWOW containing the Auro-Headphones® binaural mix. Used on two dedicated broadcasts on the 16th of September and the 26th of October 2023, the AURO-3D natively recorded shows will contain the original recorded multichannel immersive mix, which can now be played back over any pair of stereo headphones during broadcast.

The ancient traditional form of Japanese storytelling called “Rakugo” forms the basis for the broadcasts which allows the listener to be fully immersed into the story. Rakugo is a single performed, monologue by a Japanse storyteller who sits on stage on a raised platform, only using a paper fan and a small cloth, telling stories about multiple characters. The difference between the characters is depicted only through change in pitch, tone, and a slight turn of the head.

With the use of the Auro-Headphones® binaural stream, the audio will appear to the viewer as if he is present inside the theater allowing him to experience the story as intended by the storyteller. The Rakugo performance “Ningen Kowai” by Kyotaro Yanagiya can be viewed here;

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Home to the award-winning immersive audio format Auro-3D, NEWAURO B.V. provides full ecosystem solutions for industry professionals and consumers, ranging from content creation tools to playback integration in Home Entertainment, Automotive, Mobile and Cinema. In 2011, AURO-3D revolutionized the audio industry with the introduction of a true immersive sound experience and groundbreaking technology suite that enables content creators and product developers to hear more and feel more for a more exciting, emotional, and moving audio experience. The Saffelberg Investment group acquired mid 2022 all assets, teams and rights of AURO-3D and founded the new company NEWAURO B.V. to further support the growth of the format and technology suite across markets.

About WOWOW Inc.
WOWOW operating since 1991 commenced Japan’s first pay TV satellite broadcasting service and due to the looser broadcast standards for satellite television in Japan, Wowow has become a primary means of widespread distribution in Japan. WOWOW created a new value that was unprecedented in Japanese society: new Hollywood movies, the world’s top sports, live music performances in Japan and abroad, and other spectacular content that can be enjoyed on TV at home.

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