NEWAURO Brings Smart Speakers Into the Immersive Audio Domain at CES 2024

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NEWAURO Brings Smart Speakers Into the Immersive Audio Domain at CES 2024

NEWAURO and Eastech show exciting new technology that gives smart speakers the ability to recreate any signal in up to 7.1.4 channels of impressive virtual spatial audio.

Gooik, (BE) (January 3, 2024) – NEWAURO and Eastech announced today that they are collaborating to demonstrate AURO-Scene virtual immersive audio technology at CES 2024,  January 9–12, bringing smart speakers firmly into the immersive audio ecosystem.

In a first-of-a-kind demonstration, NEWAURO and Eastech will deliver an unparalleled spatial audio experience, reshaping how smart speaker listeners perceive sound in their environments. This exciting new virtual immersive audio technology from NEWAURO—demonstrated on Eastech smart speakers—creates an impressive immersive audio sound field with extended bass response from any signal on a single device, including soundbar speaker configurations from 2.0 to 5.1.2 and 3.1.1 smart speaker devices. Even standard stereo music can be transformed into a spatial audio experience. With this technology, smart speakers join soundbars, dedicated immersive audio home theater systems, and other devices as part of the immersive audio ecosystem.

“In bringing together Eastech and NEWAURO solutions, we are spearheading a technological revolution for streaming audio. This collaboration transcends mere audio component integration; it’s a visionary script for the future. Our mutual commitment to pushing boundaries is poised to yield groundbreaking 3D audio solutions,” says Rudy Van Duppen, CEO of NEWAURO. “By seamlessly blending Eastech’s cutting-edge smart speakers with our latest innovation, the AURO-Scene virtual speaker algorithm, we can guarantee an immersive experience every time you listen.”

Tim Liou, Eastech Group’s Chairman adds: “As the company that designed and released the world’s first soundbar, we are excited to join forces with NEWAURO to create another breakthrough in the smart speakers category, bringing a completely new audio experience that builds on the strength of both companies.”

Not only can Eastech smart speakers create immersive sound from any signal via AURO-Scene, but, thanks to the integration of the AURO-3D engine, they can also decode AURO-CX, NEWAURO’s new next-generation, scalable audio codec designed for streaming. AURO-CX delivers scalable quality, channel count, sample rate, and objects, all in one powerful bitstream.

CES 2024 attendees can experience AURO-Scene at both the AURO demo suite at The Venetian Hotel and Eastech’s Westgate hospitality suite during the show. Book a demo by emailing: sales@auro-3d.com.

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