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1.2 Licenses


Auro-Codec Encoding License

The Auro Encoding License unblocks the following feature:

• Support for encoding immersive mixes and decoding Auro-Codec encoded contents with the Auro-Codec Encoder.

Once obtained, your Auro-Codec Encoder License is directly registered in your iLok account and can be found in the iLok License Manager application (top left button “My iLok ID”). You can activate your license on your computer, iLok Key or iLok Cloud Session by right clicking its name and selecting “activate”. Note that a total of 3 activations are available for the Auro-Codec Encoder License:

Figure 1 – 3 | Auro-Codec Encoder License Activated in the iLok Cloud Session


The Creative Tools Suite Free License must be activated in order to benefit from the features unblocked by the Auro-Codec Encoder License.

More coming soon…


Note that the licenses Auro-Matic Pro, AURO-3D ADM Export and Auro-Max Export are currently not compatible with the AURO-3D Export Plugin.