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3.5 Auro-Headphones Menu


Adjust the Binaural Mix

    The Auro-Headphone Technology uses an advanced binaural algorithm to play back Auro-3D content over a regular pair of headphones.
    It is possible to listen to the binaural mix by selecting the option “Binaural” in the Monitor Drop Down Menu.
    The Auro-Headphones Menu lets you configure the behaviour of the Auro-Headphones binaural renderer:

    Figure 3 – 6 | Auro-Headphones Menu Overview

    Head Size Parameter

      The Head Size Parameter allows to adjust the size of the listener’s head in order to obtain an optimal disposition of all audio sources within the virtual 3D environment.

    Room Preset Drop Down Menu

      The Room Preset Drop Down Menu lets specify the characteristics of the virtual room.
      Each Room Preset automatically sets the corresponding values of the Rotary Parameters.
      There are four Room Presets:

        Home Cinema: Preset to simulate the acoustic of medium size home cinemas.
        Lounge: Preset to simulate the acoustic of smaller and more reverberant rooms.
        Cinema: Preset to simulate the acoustic of larger cinema halls.
        Concert: Preset to simulate the acoustic of very large concert halls.

      Note that it is perfectly possible to customise the acoustic behaviour of the virtual room by manually set the values of each Rotary Parameter.
      When that is the case, the Room Preset Drop Down Menu indicates “Custom”.

    Rotary Parameters:

      There are six rotary parameters:

        Rotary Parameter: Room Size

          Defines the size of the room and the corresponding RT60.

        Rotary Parameter: Speaker Distance

          Defines the distance between the listener and the speakers within the virtual room.
          This parameter modifies the balance between direct signals and diffused field.

        Rotary Parameter: LFE Level

          Adjusts the level of the LFE channel present in the binaural mix

        Rotary Parameter: ER Level

          Adjusts the level of the early reflections.

        Rotary Parameter: Reverb Level

          Increases the amount of reverberation.

        Rotary Parameter: Damping

          Adjust the clarity of the reverberation.
          Increasing the Damping value causes the high frequency harmonics to be more subjected to damping.