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4.2 Using Auro-Headphones


Convert Your Mix to a Binaural One with Auro-Headphones Technology


    STEP 1: Select the Desired Audio Format

      Configuring the audio project for supporting a certain audio format (immersive, surround or 1D) depends on the DAW.
      Please refer to Chapter 5: “DAW Routing Approaches” for more information.

    STEP 2: Insert the AURO-3D Export Plugin on the Master Track

      The AURO-3D Export Plugin treats all audio channels at the very end of the audio chain.

    STEP 3: Start Panning Audio Sources

      Simply use the panners natively provided by the DAW to pan the audio sources in 3D.

    STEP 4: Listen to the Binaural Version of Your Mix

    STEP 5: Configure the Binaural Behaviour

    STEP 6: Export Your Mix

      Use the bounce options natively provided by the DAW to export your Binaural Mix.