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1.1 Account


Auro Personal Account

    Your Auro Personal Account registers the following information:

      • Your Email Address.
      • Your iLok ID. (Only when necessary)
      • Your Credit Card Information. (Only when necessary)

Create your Account

    Your Auro Personal Account is automatically created after getting the Creative Tools Suite Free License or purchasing any other products available on the AURO-3D Webshop (Licenses, Bundles, Upgrades and Demonstration Discs).

    Please note that the full functionalities of the AURO-3D® Encoder Service software can only be unlocked with a valid Auro-Codec License (c.f. next chapter).

    Figure 1 – 1 | Creating Your Auro Personal Account

Access your AURO-3D User Dashboard

    Unlock access to your AURO-3D User Dashboard by entering your credentials on this dedicated page:

    👤 https://shop.auro-3d.com/login

    This is the place where you can review the products in your possession, track your order history, adjust your payment methods, and much more.