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3.9 System Modes and Documentation Area


Check your System Status and Access the Online Manual

    The System Modes and Documentation Area serves as a helpful reference for understanding the current software control status, and it also offers convenient access to the online manual.
    There are two distinct System Modes: Local Mode and Remote Mode. Local Mode indicates that the Auro-3D Encoder Service application is running on the same computer, while Remote Mode signifies that only the User Interface is being controlled remotely. For more in-depth information on Remote Control Feature, please refer to chapter 4.3, “Access the Encoder Server Remotely.”
    As suggested at the beginning of this chapter, this section of the software not only provides the System Mode Status but also features a book-shaped button that leads to the online manual, allowing easy access to additional information.

    Figure 3 – 6 | System Modes and Documentation Area